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Module 1-2

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A. Directions: Write out the meaning for each of the following combining forms. I’ve done the first one as an example.1. bio: life2. carcin/o: cancer3. cardi/o: heart4. enter/o: small intestine5. gynec/o: female6. hemat/o: blood7. laryng/o: larynx8. neur/o: nerve9. ot/o: ear10. pulmon/o: lungB. Write out the meaning of each of the following prefixes. I’ve done the first one as an example.1. a-: without, away from2. an-: without3. auto-: self4. brady-: slow5. de-: without6. endo-: within, inner7. epi-: above8. ex-: outward9. extra-: outside of10. para-: beside; abnormal; two like parts of a pair11. hyper-: excessive12. inter-: between13. macro-: large14. hetero-: different15. per-: through16. peri-: around17. pro-: before18. retro-: backward, behind19. tachy-: fast20. hemi-: half21. bi-: two22. mono-: one23. multi-: many24. nulli: none25. tri- : threeC. Directions: Write out the meaning for each of the following suffixes. I’ve done the first one as an example.1. –algia: pain2. –cyte: cell3. –ectasis: dilation4. –gen: that which produces5. –ia: state, condition6. –iasis: abnormal condition7. –itis: inflammation8. –logy: study of9. –lytic: destruction10. –megaly: enlarged11. –oma: tumar, mass12. –pathy: disease13. –plegia: paralysis14. –ptosis: drooping15. –rrhagia: abnormal flow condition16. –rrhexis: rupture17. –stenosis: narrowing18. –trophy: development19. –centesis: puncture to withdraw fluid20. –ostomy: surgically creating an opening21. –pexy: surgical fixation22. –rrhaphy: to suture23. –graphy: process of recording24. –meter: instrument for measuring25. –scope: instrument for viewingD. Directions: Use the word parts list below to build a medical term for each definition. Inthis exercise some of the word parts are used more than once to illustrate how using the same word parts in different combinations produces terms with very different meanings. I’ve done the first one as an exampleWord Parts Category Meaning-al suffix pertaining to-ary suffix pertaining tobronch/o word root bronchuscrani/o word root skull-ectomy suffix surgical removalintra- prefix within-itis suffix inflammation-logy suffix study ofneur/o word root nerve-plasty suffix surgical repairpulmon/o word root lung-scope suffix instrument for viewingtonsil/o word root tonsils1. surgical removal of tonsils ____tonsil___________/__ectomy________2. surgical repair of a bronchus ____bronch___/_o_/__plasty__3. pertaining to within the skull __intra_/___crani____/___al___4. study of nerves ___neru____/_o_/__logy____5. surgical repair of the skull ___crani__/_o_/__plasty___6. instrument for viewing the bronchus ___bronch___/_o_/__scope__7. inflammation of the tonsils ___tonsill___/__itis____8. inflammation of nerves ___neur___/__itis___9. pertaining to within the lungs __intra__/__pulmon___/__ary__10. study of the lungs

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