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Chapter 18

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1. Explore the way in which one of the following ideas is used in the New Testament: kingdom of God; heaven; resurrection; eternal life. You will find it helpful to use a biblical concordance in undertaking this project. The resurrection is used to show that the “new age” has been inaugurated. Even though the meaning of Christ’s resurrection is not exhausted, it allows people to see that death has been overcome.2. Give a brief summary of the way in which either Rudolf Bultmann or Wolfhart Pannenberg interpreted the resurrection. (You will need to turn back to chapter 10 to find some of the materials you require for this answer.)He saw the resurrection as a realization that the cross of Christ is not a defeat but a victory. When he suffered death, the disciples realized that Jesus was the son of God, meaning his death was the victory over the power of death. Jesus had given his life over to death and conquered it by giving up his life. 3. Study the following list of terms encountered in this chapter: age of the Spirit; demythologization; the rapture; the tribulation; the two cities. With which of the following writers or movements would you associate each of them; Augustine of Hippo; Rudolf Bultmann; dispensationalism; Joachim of Fiore? (Note that two of the terms are linked with one of the writers or movements.)- Augustine of Hippo: the two cities- Rudolf Bultmann: demythologization - Dispensationalism: the rapture and the tribulation - Joachim of Fiore: the age of the Spirit4. Why is it increasingly unfashionable to speak of hell in many (but not all) Christian circles today?Hell is a contradiction of the Christian assertion of the final victory of God over evil and there seemed to be no point to the suffering of the condemned. Today, circles want to focus on the positive affirmation of the love of God, rather than the negative implications of the rejection of that love. 5. Will everyone go to heaven? (To answer this question, you will need to draw on some of the material presented in chapter 17.)Eventually yes, but nothing imperfect can go to heaven. That being said some will go to purgatory to purify their sins, before going to heaven. But those who go to hell, those who rejectGod, will not be able to reach heaven. 6. Does the Christian hope relate to the present or to the future?The Christian hope relates to both. If one is having trouble finding hope, they place their trust in the God of the Bible. This allows one to discover the new seeds of the present, that will eventually affect the way that the future turns

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