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Chapter 17

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1. How would you define a “religion”?Having a belief in something bigger than humans and worshiping that particular “human.”2. Why was Dietrich Bonhoeffer so attracted to the idea of a “religionless Christianity”?Bonhoeffer directed his criticism against forms of Christianity that were grounded on the assumption that humans were naturally religious. A “religionless Christianity” is a faith based not upon the untenable and discredited, but upon God’s self-revelation in Christ. 3. Do all religions lead to God?Yes4. Why has there been such interest recently in the idea that Christianity represents the fulfillmentof the religious aspirations of humanity?Freud said that religion is an immature response to the awareness of helplessness. He also said that religion is an illusion, and that the origin of human belief in God are to be found in a projection of the unconscious desires of humanity. God is to be seen as a protector and a child sees their father as a protector. 5. How helpful and persuasive do you find Karl Rahner’s idea of an “anonymous Christian”?I thought I was very persuasive because one does not have to be Christian to accept Grace. For instance, he argued that the Old Testament is evaluated in some parts of the New Testament. Therefore, this should be adopted in other religions. Why should you have to be Christian to accept Grace? If you accept Grace in your religion without it being the same as how Christians do and you are not aware, I think his term is appropriate. 6. Why have ideas such as the resurrection and divinity of Christ proved to be such a hindrance to interfaith dialogue? Is there a case for their elimination, in order to make such a dialogue more fruitful?Since all religions are different and believe in different ideas, the interfaith dialogue has to find away to set common grounds. They are not able to do that with the resurrection and divinity of Christ, because they are not Christian. To make this dialogue more fruitful, the only thing to do is respect each

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