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Chapter 15

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1. Give a concise summary of the issues at stake in the Donatist controversy.Schism is unjustified and the unity of the church can’t be broken and lapsed or schismatic bishops are deprived of the ability to administer sacraments.2. Augustine of Hippo wrote of the Christian church being like a hospital. Why?The church is a place of healing for those who know they stand in the need of forgiveness and renewal. The church is for the sick and for convalescents. 3. The doctrine of the church is often described as “the Achilles’ heel of the Reformation.” Why?The doctrine was the central foundation and if something wasn’t in the Bible than it was not accepted as a doctrine. So, when you had to think deeper about something there is not always an answer in a book. With describing it as “the Achilles’ heel of the Reformation” we are describing an acute weakness with the doctrine because it does not give all the answers explicitly. 4. “How can anyone speak of one church when there are dozens of Christian denominations? Summarize and assess the answers that could be given to this objection.There is only one empirical, observable church which is entitled to be known and treated as the true church. There is also an eschatological approach that suggests the present disunity of the church will be abolished on the last day. The most important is that the unity of the church lies in Christ, rather than in any historical or cultural factor.5. “How can the church be holy when it is full of sinners?” What answers could be given to this question?Emphasis on the empirical holiness of the church members excluding those who were deemed to have lapsed from these public standards of sanctity. Some say the church is at present as sinful as its members and will be purified on the last day. Lastly, others have asserted a distinction maybe made between the holiness of the church and the sinfulness of its members.6. What are the implications of affirming the “apostolicity” of the church?Planted in the world by the Apostles, as adhering to the teaching of the Apostles, and as carryingon the succession of Apostolic

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