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1. What was the main issue debated during the Arian controversy? Why did Arius’s opponents regard this as being of such importance? The scriptural titles for Christ that pointed that his status was equal with God werecourtesy titles and Christ was to be viewed as a creature, but was to be superior to other creatures. Arius argued that the divinity of Christ was important to Christian understanding of salvation. 2. Why was the introduction of fixed creeds widely regarded as a welcome development by many within the churches?The fixed creeds are widely regarded because the word creeds come from the Latin word “credo,” which means, “I believe.” Which summarizes the main points of Christian belief, because the Apostle’s creed starts with, “I believe in God.”3. What was it important to reach agreement on the canon of Scripture? What practical difference would this have made to theological debate at the time?It was important as a Christian community to know what the scripture was. If the scriptures were different, than one group could base the doctrine on writings that the other group did not recognize as scripture.4. The English historian Thomas Carlyle once suggested that history was basically the biography of great individuals. On the basis of your reading of this chapter, who do you think was the most significant person in relation to the shaping of Christian theology overthis period?I think that Augustine of Hippo is the most significant because he contributed to the development of theology as an educational discipline and the doctrine of the person ofChrist and the doctrine of the Trinity were developed. 5. Why was there relatively little interest in the doctrine of the church in this early period? And why do you think the Donatist controversy broke out in the western, rather than the eastern, church? During the first period, the church focused on their survival because they did not have room for theological disputes. I think it broke out in the western church because they implicated the love of God and Augustine argued that the church should except a “mixed body” of saints and

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