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UH ELET 3403 - Sensors Test 2 Review

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Sensors Test 2 Review 1. What is the ratio of the Input power to the output power level at the critical frequency of a RC-low pass filter? 2. What is the ratio of the input voltage to the output voltage level and in dB at the critical frequency of a notch filter? 3. Draw the schematic of two Op-Amp circuits chosen from following: Voltage to current converter, Current to voltage converter, Integrator, and Differentiator. Write their transfer function.4. Why hysteresis comparator is needed? Draw its schematic and write its transfer function. 5. What is the maximum current drive for an OpAmp chip? What are the two characteristics of an Ideal Op-Amp?6. A wheat-stone bridge circuit is used with a sensor located 100m away. The bridge is not lead compensated, and the cable to the sensor has a resistance of 0.4 Ω/ft. the bridge nulls with R1=3.4 kΩ, R2=3.1445 kΩ, and R3=1.56 kΩ. What is the sensor resistance?7. Signal conditioning analysis shows that the following equation must relate output to input voltage: VOUT = 3.35V1Ω - 2.68 Implement this transfer function using (1) A summing amplifier circuit (2) A differential amplifier circuit8. A signal conditioning system converts a temperature (T) between 20 C and 80 C into a 2V-8V (VT). This signal in turn is fed to an 8 bit ADC with a 5 V reference (VADC) a. What is the relationship between temperature T and its voltage output VT? b. What is the relationship between the VT and VADC? c. What is the voltage resolution of VADC? d. What is the corresponding resolution of the measured temperature T? e. What temperature does a binary output of 10100101 represent? f. What binary output results from 45 C?9. A 12-bit bi-polar DAC with reference voltage VR = 10V is used to channel the valve control command from the micro-processor. a. What is the output voltage for valve control with digital control command of 4A6H and D5DH? b. What digital control command comes closest to a desired output of 4.740 V needed to open the valve? c. Suppose the output picks up a high frequency noise of 50 mV rms. How many output bits are obscured by this noise? 10. If I wanted to do any kind of mathematical operation besides the formula node, what Pallet and Function list would I

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