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ANTHROPOLOGY 1000EXAM 3NAME: Xiyu YinPART I; EACH ANSWER IS WORTH 3 POINTS1)Where are the Maasai from?a) Kenyab) Australiac) Egyptd) The American Southwest2) From the article, Religious Perspectives in Anthropology, what is Weltanschaung?a) The end of the worldb) The belief that the sacred does not existc) Worldviewd) The belief that the power of the sacred lies in nature3) Which would be part of The Time of Creation and Perfection?a) A Singularityb) Chaosc) The Dreamingd) Totems4) What is life out of balance?a) Chaosb) Koyannisquastic) Time of Corruptiond) Oroborous5) The Dreaming is part of which culture?a) Maasaib) Celtic (Irish)c) Australian Aboriginald) Inuit6) Which is the creator spirit of the Inuit?a) The Inuit have no Creator Spiritb) Father Ravenc) Kiannisquatsid) Quetzalcoatl7)Giving human characteristics to that which is not human is:a) Idolatryb) Anthropomorphismc) Anthropophagyd) Mana8) What is the Rumspringa?a) Amish Rite of Passageb) Creator Spirit of the Aztecsc) A form of Manad) The Celtic New Years Eve9) From Voodoo Logic, what was buried at Yankee Stadium?a) A Red Sox jerseyb) A Yankee baseball player from the 19th Centuryc) A baseballd) Nothing10) From invitation to the Dance, what is ecstatic ritual?a) Witchcraftb) Divinationc) Cannibalismd) Singing and chanting to exhaustion11)From, Vampire Lore Rooted In New England, which disease may have stoked fears of the undead? a) AIDSb) Cancerc) Covid 19d) Tuberculosis12) The belief that the sacred lies in nature is:a) Superstitionb) Mysticismc) Animismd) Myth13) What is the MAIN purpose of a Rite of Passage?a) Cultures reproducing themselves by passing on the core values of the culture b) So that children can become adultsc) So that people will fit into their culturesd) To connect the living with the dead14) Mana is:a) Part of the Hopi Snake Ceremonyb) Creator Spirit of the Aztecsc) Inanimate object which have the power of the sacred d) Cannibalism15) The Tolai are from:a) Australiab) Mexicoc) Papua New Guinead) Kenya16) What is Myth?a) Superstitionb) A cultural expression of social valuesc) A misunderstanding of natural realityd) Primitive religions17) From, Invitation to The Dance, how did Frederick Davenport explain the “bizarre behavior” of primitives?a) They were cannibalsb) Part of their brain was missingc) They were from lower racesd) They were not completely human18) From, Why Disposing of the Dead Matters To The Living, as in ceremonies of birth and marriage what do funerals signify?a) The end of a way of lifeb) That a person belongs somewherec) Respect for the deadd) A belief in the Sacred19) From Animals, which animal carries the earth and or heavens on their back?a) Birdsb) Snakesc) Elephantsd) Turtles20) The Rainbow Serpent if the creator Spirit for which culture?a) Australian Aboriginalsb) The Apachec) The Tolaid) The CeltsPART II: EACH ANSWER IS WORTH SIX POINTS:1) What are the Three Essential Elements of The Sacred (NOT Durkheim)?1. Supernatural reality2. Has power, power to help or power to punish those who were bad3. We can access that power.2) List the three stages of an Origin Myth:1. Time before time2. Time of creation or perfection3. Time of corruption or end of time3) List the three stages of a Rite of Passage:1. Separation: Removed from their old life and taken away and placed in a sacred place2. Transition: Taught knowledge3. Re-aggregation: brought back into the community as a new person.4) What are three reasons why Anthropologists study funeral practices?1. Universal: apart from the atheist believers we find them throughout the world2. Tell us about the living: values of the living looking at them and what they believe of the dead. Understand what is important to them in the living3. Death becomes bases for the belief in the reality of the sacred: we are all going to face it at point of another it is a reality we are mortal5) What are the two ethnocentric attitudes of Anthropologists concerning the religion of the other?1. The religion of primitive is only superstition2. Only science can explain natural reality. Many people would use religion to explain weather but the only way to do so is to use sciencePART III; PLEASE CHOOSE ONE, ANSWER IS WORTH 10 POINTS.1) Choose a Rite of passage and discuss its three stages. What core values it represents and what happens to those who fail.2) Discuss the burial rituals of the Kikuyu and the Maasai and the core values they represent3) What is the connection between Geronimo, Skull and Bones, The Dead Other Freshkills Landfill and those who died on September 11 2001?1)The rite of passage I choose: The making of individuals moving from one social role to the another, like puberty rite.The core values: To reproduce the culture, boys and girls become men and women, and they can now marry and reproduce.Three stages: Separation: Removed from their old life and taken away and placed in a sacred placeTransition: Taught knowledgeRe-aggregation: Brought back into the community as a new

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