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UT BIO 373 - Pre-class worksheet

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Bio 373. Ecology. Name Firstname Lastname Sara GoloborodkoPre-class worksheetNovember 24, 2020Pre-class worksheets are open book, open notes, open-anything-posted-on-our-Canvas-website, and open spell-checker (please!), but must be your own independent work.Before Michigan was settled, it had pine forests. These forests burned ~ every 100 yr. Pine seedlings, which require bright sun, germinated after these fires and the forests regrew.The forests were logged 1840-1900. But the forests that regrew after logging were dominated by deciduous hardwoods like maples, which do not burn. Maple seedlings can grow in the shade, maintaining this community.Based on this information, write the correct letter(s) in the left-hand table cells.1. C 1. This story is an example of A. primary successionB. restoration ecology in actionC. alternate stable states2. B 2. Before 1800, community dynamics in this region were an example of A. a climax communityB. succession set back by repeated disturbancesC. facilitationFor questions 3-5, write either PS (primary succession), SS (secondary succession), or NS (not an example of succession at all in the left-hand cells. Select the single best fitting answer for each question.3. PS 3. the sequence of communities that follows a clearcut, if there is no re-planting or other site manipulation. (clearcut: all trees are cut down and removed from a site.)4. SS 4. the sequence of communities that follows the planting of trees after a clearcut5. NS 5. the sequence of communities in the 100 years following a hurricane, if there is no re-planting or other management interventionsWrite T (true) or F (false) in the left-hand cells.6. T 6. Europe has fewer species of most taxa than eastern North America does, probablybecause mountains blocked southward migration in Europe during glacial periods.7. F 7. North and South America share many taxa because they were both once part of the continent of Gondwana.8. T 8. Alders facilitate the colonization of recent glacial deposits by other plant species because alders have nitrogen-fixing symbiotic

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