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Functions for Calculus

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Can you make the time commitment?Are you organized and motivated to complete work on your own?Are you going to take advantage of all of the available course materials?Do you have the technical requirements?Are you willing to be flexible?Will you communicate with the instructor team?Where and when do we meet as a class?This is a 7-week course, so why does it appear to "end" on February 8?Where do I find the material that I should view each day?Where do I find the homework that is due each day?What if I have questions while working on homework?What if I have questions about the videos, textbook examples or the course itself?How will quizzes and the final exam be taken?I have been teaching in the Mathematics Department at the UA since I was a graduate student in 1982. But I look forward to each class, no matter how many times I have taught it. Students inspire me to do my best to help them navigate through the mater...MATH 122A – Functions for Calculus – Spring 2021 Math 122A is a review and extension of elementary functions and their properties with a focus on problem solving. In addition to being a prerequisite for the First Semester Calculus course for engineering and science majors, Math 122A also sets the tone for the calculus sequence. The rule of four (representing functions or relations through data, graphs, equations, and words) will be used throughout. Properties of families of functions will be emphasized through common themes such as domain, end behavior, limits, and other graphical characteristics. Mathematical terminology, notation, and modeling of applications will be used in the context of problem solving. Our goals and objectives • To promote a problem solving approach through applications; • To extend precalculus skills by way of a brief integrated review of these skills as needed in calculus; • To reinforce manipulative skills in the form of simplifying expressions and solving equations in the context of solving problems; • To provide sufficient background for Math 122B; Our learning outcomes • Analyze a function expressed in any form (tables, graphs, equations, words); • Recognize and apply the properties of a family of functions to solve problems (exponential, logarithmic, polynomial, rational, trigonometric); • Interpret the limiting behavior of a function given its graph and use properties of limits to evaluate algebraic expressions involving basic functions; • Set up an equation to model an application; • Give practical interpretations of expressions and graphical features in the context of an application;Are you ready for a fully online Math 122A? Can you make the time commitment? This course is an extension of the topics typically covered in a precalculus course, with review of important skills in the context of problems. Due to the short duration of the course, you will need to work on it every day. And to maintain the pace, an assignment or quiz is due each day. A rule of thumb for face-to-face classes is that you need to spend at least two hours outside of class for each hour spent in class. This does not take into account additional practice to master the material, seeking help from the instructor, etc. This is not a self paced class. The D2L calendar will also remind you of what needs to be accomplished each day. Are you organized and motivated to complete work on your own? This is an asynchronous class, meaning that there are no lectures given at specific times. We do not meet as a class. The calendar includes the due dates of all homework, quizzes, and the final exam. The materials that you will need are provided in D2L and the textbook. The videos that are posted in D2L are made specifically for the course and are the most direct way to cover the material. With that direction, you should be able to work through the homework and practice problems. That does not mean there will be a video for each type of problem you will face. Remember, this course has a problem solving approach. We strongly encourage you to set up notifications in both D2L (and in WebAssign, the online homework system). Are you going to take advantage of all of the available course materials? We provide videos for each section, suggestions while reading the text, and additional problems for practice. We expect that all students will be using these materials, but it is still up to you to do so. Make it a point to visit our D2L site at least once a day. Do you have the technical requirements? This is very important. In a fully online class, there are technical requirements that cannot be waived. You need to have a reliable computer with a reliable internet connection. This also includes a connection with sufficient speed. In this course, Zoom is used for proctoring the final exam. You must have a working webcam and a microphone, in addition to a location free of disturbances while you take this assessment. All homework, quizzes, and the final exam are administered using WebAsssign.Are you willing to be flexible? In order to manage a class with students in potentially wide ranging time zones, the deadlines and due dates for all components of the course will be based on AZ time. This may require that you adjust your schedule and to be diligent about deadlines. Homework deadlines should not be viewed as the day you start that section. Those are the days you should be completely finished with that section. Quizzes and the final exam must be taken on the specified dates in the calendar. More information about times will be given in the individual documents for those assessments. Will you communicate with the instructor team? You will not be working in isolation. This is very important to remember. Your progress will be monitored throughout the course by a team of four instructors. Office hours will be held in Zoom during the week, where you can ask questions. Daily class announcements will be posted in D2L. More information about how to contact the team can be found in the course policies in D2L.Our Class Structure Where and when do we meet as a class? The format of this class is asynchronous. There are no scheduled online class meetings. The day to day required activities are posted in a PDF calendar in D2L in addition to the D2L calendar itself. Each day you will know what material you should cover, what homework is due, and if there is a timed quiz. It is your responsibility to know these dates and deadlines. Extensions are not granted for failure

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