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UB MGM 301 - Recitation # 13

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Slide 1AgendaProject ProgressFinal Project ChecklistSlide 5Write-upFinal PresentationFinal PresentationRemindersMGS 351Introduction to Management Information SystemsRecitation # 13•Attendance•Project Checkpoint•Project work•RemindersAgendaProject ProgressStage 1: Apps, Objects and RecordsStage 2: Page Layouts, Reports and DashboardsStage 3: Website and Final Write-upFinal Project Checklist•Created for your consulting company (not for the company you are creating the app for)•Include description of project (1-2 paragraphs)•Group members names listed in alphabetical order by last name•Names should be linked to UB email addresses•Include link to Salesforce App•If using PowerPoint to present, must include link to download presentation•See sample websites:–– be submitted as one file:–Typed, Paragraph format–Discusses strengths and weaknesses of Access Database and Salesforce App–Includes recommendation to company based on discussion of Access versus Salesforce–Discusses potential future enhancements to app–Includes printout or screenshot of all reports with explanation of business value report provides and how the business will use the report (1-2 paragraphs for each report)–Screenshot of database relationships from Salesforce Schema Builder–Screenshot of relationships from Access Database–Final Project Cover Page from Team Information Database or create a custom cover page (must include website URL)*Upload to Group File Exchange*File Name: “Final Project Write-up”Final Presentation1. Begin with website - open App and PowerPoint through link(s) on website2. Discuss how the app provides business value to the company3. Demonstration of app:–Show the most important/impressive parts of your app–Do not show every single report in your app–Do NOT open objects or relationships–See presentation guidelines posted on course website4. Give final recommendationFinal Presentation•Will be the last week of classes (5/3-5/7)•4-6 minutes•Persuasive Sales Presentation–Act as consultants; sales pitch to the company you are building the database for–Assume classmates/audience are the board of the company you selected - pitch to them●Business casual dress required●Everyone on the team must present●See presentation guidelines posted on course websiteReminders•Final Project Due–Salesforce checklist on course website•Write-up•App•Website•Presentation•Final Project Presentations Next Week•Peer Evaluation due next

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