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Judicial Law Applying in Malaysia

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3.5 judicial law applying in MalaysiaFor the Federal Court it has the original jurisdiction which is to determinethe validity of a law made by Parliament or the Legislature of a state, Disputeson any other matter between State and State or between the Federation andany State. In the field of appeal, the Federal Court has a role in hearingappeals from the Court of Appeal and the High Court. This court also hasreview jurisdiction where this court will decide any question arising in court ofeffect from any provision of the Federal Constitution. Within the jurisdiction ofthe adviser, the Yang di-Pertuan Agong may refer to the Federal Court for anopinion or advice on the effect of the provisions of the Constitution andannounce his opinion in the Open Court.For the Court of Appeal it has jurisdiction which Under Article 121 (1B) ofthe Federal Constitution, the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeal is to decideappeals against decisions of the High Court relating to Criminal or Civil casesand any other jurisdiction conferred by or under the Law. -Federal law.Under Section 2 of the Courts of Justice Act 1964 provides that the HighCourt refers to the High Court of Malaya and the High Court of Sabah andSarawak. Therefore, the jurisdiction of the High Court of Malaya is incoordinate with the High Courts of Sabah and Sarawak. For original criminaljurisdiction, this Court will hear criminal cases involving the death penalty. Thiscourt will also hear and decide all civil cases beyond the jurisdiction of theSessions Court and Magistrate's Court (The amount involved exceeds1Million Malaysian ringgit) and this court also has the power to hear disputeson divorce, bankruptcy and civil disputes of companies. This court also hasappellate jurisdiction such as hearing criminal and civil appeals from SessionsCourts and Magistrates

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