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COURSE INFORMATION-ONLINE Course Content The course is a survey of biochemistry that covers the molecular composition of living cells and the biological processes involving these molecules. The course first deals with the four major classes of biochemical molecules: nucleic acids, proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates. This includes their building blocks (nucleotides, amino acids, fatty acids, and monosaccharides), and how the building blocks are linked together to form macromolecules. The course then considers how the macromolecules interact with other molecules to carry out the biological functions of the cell. In particular, the metabolic pathways that generate cellular energy are discussed, as are topics involving DNA and RNA, including DNA replication and repair, RNA transcription, and protein synthesis. Instructor Kenneth W. Adolph, Ph.D., Department of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biophysics; E-mail: [email protected] Course Website and Textbook A course website is available which includes the Lecture Schedule, Course Information, Lecture Slides, Lecture Notes, Study Guides, Practice Quizzes, and Useful Resources. The course website can be accessed directly at https://canvas.umn.edu. It is also available through www.myu.umn.edu. The recommended, not required, textbook is "Essential Biochemistry” by Charlotte W. Pratt and Kathleen Cornely (Wiley). The 4rd edition (2018) is the most recent. The 3rd and 2nd editions are very similar and can substitute for the 4th edition. Exams and Grades The exams and quizzes will be available to take during the scheduled class time of 9:45 – 11:00 am, Tuesday or Thursday only. The exams will have 50 multiple choice questions to answer within 75 minutes, and the quizzes 10 multiple choice questions to answer within 15 minutes. They will be remotely proctored using the Proctorio system. A laptop or other computer with a webcam and microphone will be required to take the remotely proctored exams and quizzes. The Chrome browser needs to be used with Proctorio. The final letter grades will be determined entirely by the total number of points each student receives, and will be based on a curve. The exams will be closed-book, and students may not consult the textbook or other written information (including other students’ tests) during the examinations. With the exception of verified illness or major family emergencies, make-up exams, extra credit or special consideration in grading are not given. In each case, a written statement from an individual in authority, such as a doctor’s note or clinic note, is required to excuse the absence, and a make-up exam must be taken as soon as possible. Without a verified excuse for not taking an exam or quiz at the scheduled time, there will be a deduction of 10% of the possible points of a make-up

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