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MDC CHM 1020L - Syllabus

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1 General Chemistry Laboratory 122L Description: The General Chemistry Laboratory is a one credit course that meets once a week for 3 hours. Students will participate in wet chemistry and microscale labs. The experiments have been chosen to reinforce the General Chemistry Lecture material as well as introduce and reinforce basic laboratory techniques. In lab you will apply the techniques you learned in Chemistry 121 Laboratory as well as learn how to carry out a titration, and use a pH meter and indicator to follow the course of the titration. This course will also emphasize laboratory safety practices and the use of a laboratory notebook. Lab Coordinator: Dr. Alicia A. Paterno [email protected] , 396-1121, Mellon Hall 358 Assistant Lab Coordinator: Dr. Nithya Vaidyanathan [email protected], 396-6312, Mellon Hall 351 Laboratory Teaching Assistants: names and contact information are listed on the class website in Blackboard. Class Web Site: How to Login: Username: Your Duquesne email login name Password (initial): Your DORI multipass password Lab Materials: 1. Lab Manual: “General Chemistry Laboratory Investigations, Volume 2, 5th Edition, Duquesne University,” Publisher: Cengage. 2. Notebook: “Student Laboratory Notebook,” Hayden McNeil, 100 carbonless duplicate sets, spiral binding, top page perforated. 3. Safety goggles and lab coats (These can be purchased from the ACS student affiliates, chemistry stockroom, or the bookstore.)2 Laboratory Organization / HyFlex: Lab attendance is mandatory. Please see the following website for details regarding the Duquesne and BSNES Covid-19 Attendance policy. Each lab class will be split into two groups: Team Marie Daly and Team Soren Sorensen. One team will attend lab in person, and the other team will do a lab assignment at home. Your Lab TA will contact you via email to let you know which group you are placed in. The at-home team will attend a brief Zoom meeting during their lab time to check in with their lab instructor about important announcements and due dates. Please consult the Lab Schedule and Lab Due Date table regularly. Labs will meet on March 16th and April 14th so that students in all lab sections will be able to complete the experiments. Most lab reports will be handed in electronically through blackboard. The pipet and buret assignment as well as the final lab report will be handed in on paper in the traditional way. Attendance/Participation: There are 22 attendance/participation points that are part of the laboratory grade. Be sure to attend labs when in-person and join the Zoom meeting when your team meets remotely. Zoom meeting links will be found in the 122Lab BB site and will be unique to your lab instructor. In addition, be sure to ask and answer questions both in-person and via-Zoom to earn all of these points. Extra Help: Your laboratory teaching assistants will be available to assist you with questions during lab class, via email, and through Zoom during their office hours. In addition to office hours, you will also be able to meet with your lab TA in person or via Zoom by appointment. A schedule of Zoom tutoring hours, including links, will be posted on Blackboard. You can ask your lab questions of any Chem 122 Lab instructor. Laboratory Management: • All students and lab instructors will take their Daily Personal Health Screen (found on the DU app) prior to coming to campus/class each day and agree to abide by the Protect Duquesne Pledge.3 • All students and lab instructors will be wearing masks in addition to the usual PPE of goggles, lab coats, and gloves. In addition, social distancing practices will be followed. (see information above about organization of the lab due to COVID-19.) • It is important that you read and understand the experiments before coming to lab. This enables you to perform the experiments safely and efficiently. • Everyone must arrive to lab on time. Any student arriving late, after the pre-lab lesson is given will NOT be allowed to carry out the experiment during that lab session. Please contact Dr. Nithya as soon as possible to find out about your options if this occurs. • All students must wear appropriate clothing for the laboratory and must wear splash goggles and a lab coat. Please see the dress code section in this syllabus for more details. If a student attends lab while wearing inappropriate clothing, they will be sent home to change into appropriate lab attire and may not be allowed to do that week’s lab. • You must pass the laboratory safety quiz before beginning the laboratory experiments if you did not take and pass the safety quiz during the Fall 2020 semester. • You must complete each assigned laboratory experiment by the date specified on the course syllabus. Otherwise a grade of zero will be assigned. Lab reports not handed in by the due date will incur a late penalty when graded. Read the Late Work Policy section for more details. • Calculations must be shown and included in each lab report for BOTH lab manual and notebook laboratories as well as pre and post lab assignments. Points will be deducted if calculations are not shown. • Lab reports handed in on paper must be stapled and frilly edges removed prior to being handed in. Lab reports handed in electronically on Blackboard must be scanned as a single pdf document prior to uploading. A 5 point penalty will be incurred each time these rules are not followed. • You are not permitted to submit a lab report for grading unless you actually performed the experiment. After completing an experiment, you must have your lab instructor initial the report before you leave lab. A report that is not initialed will not be graded!4 • You are not allowed in the laboratory at times other than your assigned laboratory period, except when you have the written permission from the Assistant Lab Coordinator (Dr. Nithya) or the Lab Coordinator (Dr. Paterno). If you have a legitimate excuse for missing a laboratory,

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