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GSU PSYC 1101 - Energy Assignment Spring 2021

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Chapter 10 Assignment: Energy BalanceDue 04/18/21 at 11:59pm65 Points In Chapter 10, you learned about BMR (basal metabolic rate) and EER (estimated energy requirement). Your BMR is the minimum amount of energy (calories) your body needs to function, while your EER is the amount of energy (calories) you need once your activity level is taken into consideration. If you are trying to lose, gain or maintain your weight, EER is an important value to know. Please refer back to the lecture for more information on EER and energy balance/imbalance. ALL sections must be filled in to receive full credit. Part 1: (Use page 379 to answer the following question) (20 points)Sharon is a 40-year-old female. She weighs 172 pounds and is 5’7”. Sharon is an employee at a retail store and walks around the shop periodically throughout the day to help customers. Sharon does not have a car, so she walks 0.5 mile to work and from work. After she comes home, she relaxes for the rest of the day. Based on this information about Sharon, calculate her estimated energy requirement (EER) and BMI. 1. Age (5 points):a. 22 yearsb. 35 yearsc. 38 yearsd. 40 years2. Physical Activity Factor (5 points):a. 1.00b. 1.11c. 1.12d. 1.25e. 1.27f. 1.45g. 1.48Based on the chart below (also on page 379 of the textbook):3. Weight in kilograms (hint: 2.2 pounds= 1 kg) (5 points): Round to the nearest whole number. a. 64 kgb. 78 kgc. 172 kgd. 80 kg4. Height in meters (hint: height in inches/ 39.4) (5 points):a. 1.5mb. 1.7mc. 2.0md. 5’ 7”Part 2: EER calculation (5 points) The EER calculations depend on the individual’s age and gender. Remember that height and weight for EER should be calculated in meters and kilograms. Using your answers from above, find Sharon’s EER using the calculation below: a = age b = physical activity c = weight in kilograms (kg) d = height in meters (m) EER Equation: (found on page 379) Females, 19 years old and over: EER = {354 - (6.91 x a)} + b x {(9.36 x c) + (726 x d)} 1. Sharon’s EER is (5 points): Round to the nearest whole number at the END of the equation for your final answer.a. 2000 kcalb. 1989 kcalc. 2278 kcald. 2357 kcalPart 3: (20 points) Body Mass Index (BMI) = weight (pounds) x 703 OR BMI = weight (kg) height squared (inches)2 height (m)2 1. Sharon’s BMI is (10 points): a. 26.9b. 29.8c. 32.4d. 26.3 2. Her BMI classifies her as what? (10 points):a. Underweightb. Normal weightc. Overweightd. ObesePart 4: (20 points) 1. What are the components of energy needs? (5 points) a. Basal metabolism, body mass index, physical activity b. Body mass index, thermic effect of food, age c. Basal metabolic rate, thermic effect of food, physical activityd. Thermic effect of food, lean body mass, and estimated energy requirement 3. Which of the following factors does NOT stimulate feedback to the brain to decrease hunger? (Select one) (5 points) a. Protein b. Fatty acidsc. Monosaccharidesd. Leptine. Ghrelin4. Which of the following is NOT a method of measuring body fat? (Select one) (5 points)a. Bioelectrical Impedanceb. BMIc. Skinfold Measurementsd. Underwater Weighinge. DXA4. True or False: Binge eating disorder can result in potentially fatal electrolyteimbalances. (5

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