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Article- The music in stars wars as to break off of the normal science fictiono Let music set the mood in the story The music can change in a scene- Play off of the nostalgia of Peter pano When peter jumps off the ship- Jabba the hut was a 3 man ran puppet- All effects were done via rotoscoping- three essential elements of good worldbuilding o depth, detail, and consistency- shots were 3.6 seconds in first 180, next 80 they were 1.3 (below Hollywood average)- the plot was changed from a heros story into a overall world narrative- figure, comics, TV specials, games and more- No one got much info on Boba Fett (he was mysterious) this gave a whole new new narrative and made him a fan favoriteo He was judged for character not his screen time He died quick and embarrassingly Because fans were not satisfied with his death they created a naratve for himTransmedia video 1- Tell a story across multiple platform, whole experience is greater than sum of partso Book is better than movie is a great example of it not beingo Games are bad imitations of movie experience- Franchiseo Instead of making all prequel, main event and sequel the same platform mix it up Book, movie, video game- This gives each piece its own insights on the storyo Not the same and nothing is disappointing- 4 dimensions of transmedia (don’t just be one, the more you have the more an audience will be involved and enjoy your story)o Story Importance of narrativeo Real world Bring it to the real world, friends with the recreation and tours of roomso Co-operation Fan fictions, audience adds to the story (how much can they change the story)- Author can give foundation to audience but the audience writesmore for the storyo Gaming Give audience a goalTransmedia video 2- Kid who grew up in foster care, mom was 15 , dad was PR, exposed to violence drugs(dark world), also had facial paralipsis- Godzilla- Moved to Hawaii (heavily Japanese influence)- Read a Japanese comic book (it was backwards) Kikatero The book ended, but continued into a show (bad guys won all guys died), movie then came out (was to be seen in a bad part of town (town was destroyed)) In the end the guy called in his brother (crossing stories)o There were posters, magazines, gameso He was clearly invested into the storyo When he got in a dark place, he imagined Kikater to accuse him of not being righteouso Created dungeons and dragons A world where people can do whatever they want in the story Corondor Comics, games, movies, used internet of how to show fans the world- He was hired for Pirates of Carabean, Coke, Transformers, Halo, Tron, Avatar- He created the position of Transmedia Producer- Sometimes there is no narrative (Japanese pornography)- DANGERo We can become mislead, isolated, addicted, lost in the endless everyday Transmedia can be brimmed to listen to what you want and get you even more

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