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SC BIOL 110 - Sordaria Genetics Worksheet

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Name: Natasha TomaszewskiSordaria Genetics WorksheetData TableGenotype Tally Marks TotalNon-crossover Asci 724b:4t卌卌卌卌卌卌 II 324t:4b卌卌卌卌卌卌卌卌 40Crossover Asci 262b:2t:2b:2t卌 I 62t:2b:2t:2b卌 III 82b:4t:2b卌 52t:4b:2t卌 II 7Post-Lab Questions and Calculations1. Take the sum of the tally marks for each genotype. Record each result in the Total column. 2. Determine the total number of non-crossover asci counted.3. Determine the total number of crossover asci counted.4. Determine the total number of hybrid asci counted.5. Determine the map distance between the gene for spore color and the centromere using Equation 1. Report the result in map units. However, keep in mind that each ascus contains 8 spores because the four haploid spores underwent an additional mitotic event after meiosis. To account for this, the map distance found in Equation 1 needs to be halved (Equation 2). corrected number of crossover asci Map distance = ———————————————– × 100 corrected total number of asci countedEquation1 Map distance —–——–—— 2Equation2Crossover asci – 13 13/98 x 100= 13.3 is the total map distanceTotal number of asci counted- 986. Was the number of each type of crossover phenotype observed relatively constant or equal? Explain why you would expect these numbers to be constant.The number of each types of each crossover phenotype observed relatively constant. The researchers would suspect it to. Be constant because each sordaria is different.7. A similar technique can be used to determine the distance between two genes or a different gene on a single chromosome. In this laboratory a color mutation was used as the gene of interest. What is the benefit of using a color mutant gene for learning about map units?© 2019, Flinn Scientific, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction permission is granted from Flinn Scientific, Inc. Batavia, Illinois, U.S.A. No part of this material maybe reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including, but not limited to photocopy, recording, or any information storage andretrieval system, without permission in writing from Flinn Scientific, Inc.The benefit of using a color mutant gene for learning about map units is that since the gene is mutated. The researcher then can evaluate the effect it has on genes that are close to it on a chromosome and genes are four from

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