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Pre-Lab: ARP Literature Search

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Pre-Lab: ARP Literature SearchName: ____________Emma Pauly______________________________________________________________Assigned Arabidopsis strains:______abi1-1__________________, __________Ler-0____________________Assigned Arabidopsis experimental stressor:_____________Drought_______________________________Finding Research Articles Related to Your ProjectDuring your first day in lab, your TA discussed how to locate scientific literature. Find and read through the document “How to Locate and Cite Scientific Literature” located on Under Carmen Modules > Lab Resources. Once you have read this document, find two peer-reviewed primary research articles or Reviews that are relevant to the experiment you will conduct. Once you have found your two articles:1.Download or save the entire article so you can share it with your group during your lab session on 5/20 or 5/21.Using the scaffolding below:2.Include a URL or link to each article.3.Include a citation for each article.4.Write one sentence about why you chose each article (e.g. how it is related to the experiment you will conduct with your group).Below are some ideas to help get you started on finding relevant research articles (though you are not limited by these ideas:-background related to our model organism, Arabidopsis thaliana-research about your strains (whether a mutant or an ecotype)-research on any plant under the stress condition you were assigned-comparison of different Arabidopsis strains relevant to your experimentURL/Link to article # 1: for article # 1 (style found on page 9 of the How to Locate and Cite Scientific Literature):Abo Gamar, M.I., Kisiala, A., Emery, R.J.N. et al. Elevated carbon dioxide decreases the adverse effects of higher temperature and drought stress by mitigating oxidative stress and improving water status in Arabidopsis thaliana. Planta 250, 1191–1214 (2019). for choosing article # 1:I choose this article because it discussed one of the strains I will be testing and also the condition I 1will be performing on that strain. It gave some insight as to what the strain being testing may react when put under the drought condition.URL/Link to article # 2: for article # 2 (style found on page 9 of the How to Locate and Cite Scientific Literature):Yu, S.G., Kim, J.H., Cho, N.H., Oh, T.R. and Kim, W.T. (2020), Arabidopsis RING E3 ubiquitin ligase JUL1 participates in ABA‐mediated microtubule depolymerization, stomatal closure, and tolerance response to drought stress. Plant J. doi:10.1111/tpj.14775Reason for choosing article # 2: I choose this article because it discusses the condition of drought on an Arabidopsis plant, which was able to give me some insight as to how my experiment may work, and how my strains may react to the drought condition.

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