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Pitt IE 1055 - Homework 7

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IE 4351/5357 Homework 7 Due March 25, 20211. You are the facility design engineer in charge of the AJE production facility. Your current assignment is to develop a new facility layout for their Pittsburgh facility. Thefacility has the 9 departments listed below and currently has 6 products, A to F, with the monthly sales volumes and routings shown below. The facility has a total of 30,000 square feet with outer dimensions of 150 feet (vertically or North-South) by 200 feet (horizontally or East-West). (35 Pts)Department name Area Part Routing Volume1. Shipping 2000 A 2-5-6-7-1 4002. Receiving 2000 B 2-7-9-1 2003. Office 3000 C 2-6-7-9-1 4004. Maintenance 2000 D 2-5-7-8-9-1 2005. Machining Area 1 3000 E 2-6-1 2006. Machining Area 2 3000 F 2-5-1 1007. Assembly Area 1 35008. Assembly Area 2 35009. Packaging 2000Additional information- The office area includes space for management, engineering, sales, production controland other functions. The office area also includes the restrooms and a break area.- The two machining areas share some common workers who rotate back and forth between the two areas during a single shift. Similarly, the two assembly areas also share some common workers. - The volumes for the current products are expected to remain relatively stable with theexception of product D which may experience a significant increase in volume - a 300% increase - but this increase is uncertain. - There is an anticipation of introducing one new product within the next 3 years that will need to visit both machining area 1 and assembly area 1 and will have a volume of 300 units per month. - Assume that the necessary aisle space has been built into the area requirements for each department. But still indicate where the aisles would be in your facility.- There is a road that runs south of the building and assume that building access from the road is at the south side of the facility.- Assume that all individual units, types A to F, are equivalent to one pallet load. Deliverables- You need to develop a facility layout. You must clearly indicate the location for each department and indicate the locations of the main aisles (the ones for interdepartmental flow.) - You must justify your choice of locations for departments within the layout. Explain what tools you have selected to use in your design process and show charts, figures, etc. that you use.2. (20 pts) Use the data given in problem 6.8 but change the area of department B to 2000 square feet. Also, assume that the departments have the areas given but the shapes do NOT have to match the dimensions given. Assume the layout is for a building that is 110 feet by 120 feet. Do parts a and b of the problem. Discuss the prosand cons of your layout design.3. 6.28 But note the following changes (20 Pts)- Use the diagram, flow data, and cost data.- Do NOT do parts a and b as stated in the problem.a. Is the distance matrix that is given closer to rectilinear or Euclidean distance? b. Which metric results in a larger value for the total flow times cost times distance (or total cost) for the current layout, rectilinear or Euclidean distance? Why? c. Using the rectilinear distance metric and assuming that flow is from the centroid of each department calculate the total cost for the current layout. d. Assume that the distance metric is rectilinear and flow is from the centroid of each department and rearrange the departments in order to reduce the overall cost of the layout. However, you must keep reasonable department shapes and not have split departments or enclosed voids. Show your final layout - indicating distances - and indicate what the total cost is for your final layout.4. (25 pts) Continuing the Pittsburgh Steel Company problem. Using the REL chart and size information from the HW 5 solution key, develop a layout for Pittsburgh Steel. Regarding the size of the departments, you do not have to use the exact shapes I have in the HW 5 solutions, just use the department area (for example the sawing area is 2,000 square feet). In addition to the data contained in the HW 5 solution, assume thatthere is a finished goods storage area that requires 1250 square feet and a raw materials storage area that also requires 1250 square feet. Assume that the facility is 185 feet long and 130 feet wide. Assume that you can locate the equipment anywhere in the facility (in real life some of the equipment would be difficult to move but we are ignoring that consideration at the moment.) Present your proposed layout (show individual pieces of equipment, etc.) and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of

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