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UB REC 165 - Badminton #5

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Peter Acciardi Professor Jessica Nyrop3 March 2021Rec 165Reflection Paper What is more challenging serving in a single match? The correct answer is a double match. A double match is where two people are on the same side. Which means, there is four people on the court at the same time. That is a lot of people. With that many, doubles scoring can be challenging and confusing. There are three basic rules that can be simple for serving in doubles. The three rules we are going to talk about can be basic but challenging. Number one is each side has only one service. This means that, if you start serving and you lose the point, the service “passes” to the other team. This is like in tennis but sometimes you forget, and the point can go to the other team. This is bad as you want to win. Number two is players only change their respective service courts when they win a point while they are serving. This can be challenging as a person can be good at one side than the other. This can cost a lot of points on theboard for the opposite team. Number three is when your score is even, you serve from the right side of the court. When your score is odd, you serve from the left side of the court. This rule would confuse the heck out of me. I would think I can serve it anywhere, but you cannot do that. I was surprised to hear this rule as sometimes you do not even know the score is. You are in the zone while playing so sometimes you forget and that can cost points and loss of a game. Badminton can be a fun game but with these complicated rules, it can be

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