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Name: Jillian Coughlan*LANGUAGE TRANSCRIPT FOR A PRESCHOOL CHILD, AGE 3;0 Gloss1 1. MOM. mom 2 2. A BARN. a barn 7 3. MOM DO YOU KNOW WHERE THAT GO? Mom do you know where that goes? 3 4. ONE OF THESE. I want one of those 4 5. YOU GOT ANOTHER LAMB? Do you have another lamb? 3 6. THERE ANOTHER LAMB? Is there another lamb? 4 7. YOU GOT ANOTHER ONE? Do you have another one? 4 8. NO IT ISN'T. No it isn't (a lamb). 3 9. IT A DOG. It's a dog. 3 10. GOT A PIG. I have got a pig. 3 11. IT IS HORSE. It is a horse. 3 12. WHAT IS THIS? What is this? 4 13. HOW IT GO DOWN? How does it go down? 2 14. LIKE THAT? Like that? 5 15. HOW IT PICK UP STUFF? How does it pick up stuff? 3 16. HOW IT GO? How does it go? 5 17. IT CAN GO ON HERE. It can go on here. 5 18. YOU EVER SEE POWERRANGERS? Have you ever seen Power Rangers? 4 19. I SAW THEM TOO. I saw them too. 3 20. KICK MONSTERS. They kick monsters.Name: Jillian Coughlan4 21. THEY KILL MONSTERS. They kill monsters. 7 22. AND THEY EVEN KILL BAD THINGS. And the even kill bad things. 16 23. AND ONE JUMPS AND PUTS IT ON THERE AND THEY FIRE BAD GUYS. and one jumps and puts it on there and they firebad guys. 7 24. NO ONE GO UP AND FIRE THEM. no one goes up and fires them. 4 25. NO THEM SHOOT THEM. no, they shoot them. 5 26. NO POWERRANGER SHOOT THEM. no, Power Rangers shoot them. 4 27. THEN THEM BE DEAD. Then they will be dead. 3 28. NO GOODGUYS. no, (the Power Rangers are) good guys. 1 29. LOOK. Look. 2 30. SOME PEOPLE. Some people.3 31. BIGBIRD FALL DOWN. Big Bird fell down. 1 32. TWO. Two. 6 33. ONE STANDING IN THE BACK. One is standing in the back.7 34. NO ONE STANDING IN THE BACK. No one is standing in the back. 6 35. ONE STANDING IN THE FRONT. One is standing in the front. 3 36. AND DRIVING. and he is driving. 6 37. BIGBIRD DRIVE OVER THESE OF THESE. Big Bird drove over these people. 4 38. HE DRIVE THEM OVER. He drove over them. 2 39. THAT HURT. That hurt the people. 5 40. GET OUT OF MY WAY. Get out of my way.Name: Jillian Coughlan4 41. A ONE ALIVED. One lived. 3 42. A PIG ALIVE. A pig is alive. 5 43. THESE ONE ALL FALL DOWN. These ones all fell down. 6 44. AND THEM GUYS FALL DOWN. And these guys fell down.SUBTOTAL: 1844 45. THEM EYES OPEN. Their eyes are open. 7 46. BIGBIRD GOT THEM EYES OPEN TOO. Two Big Birds have got their eyes open too. 1 47. TWO. Two. 1 48. HEY. Hey. 3 49. HOW DO THAT? How do you do that? 5 50. DO THIS ON TO HERE. (Hook this tractor on the wagon for me) 6 51. AND THAT CAN PULL THIS ONE. and the tractor can pull this one. 6 52. AND HOOKS ON TO HERE. and this hooks on to here. 5 53. AND A HORSE PULL IT. and a horse can pull it. 1 54. WHOOPSIE. whoopsie… (makes a mistake). 4 55. THERE CAUGHT THE DOG. There, I caught the dog. 3 56. I CAN TOO. I can too (see the dogs eyes). 6 57. HE GOT THESE OVER EYES. He has got these over his eyes.Name: Jillian Coughlan7 58. THEY GOT SOME OF THEM EYES. They have got some of those eyes. 2 59. WHAT SHEEP? What sheep? (Asks for clarification) 3 60. ALL OF THEM? all of them? 3 61. AND THE PIG? and the pig? 3 62. AND THE HORSE? And the horse? 4 63. AND PUT IT IN. And put it in the barn. 6 64. IN WITH THE OTHER ANIMALS. (Put it) in with all the other animals. 7 65. AND A DOG CAN GO IN THERE. And a dog can go in there. 6 66. GROVER CAN'T GO IN THERE. But Grover can't go in there. 4 67. CAUSE HE GOT SAND. Because he has got sand. 2 68. NO MUD. No mud. 5 69. NO THEM NOT EAT MUD. No, they don't eat mud. 4 70. CAUSE THEM THROW UP. Because they would throw up. 5 71. HOW YOU TAKE THIS DOWN? How do you take this down? 2 72. WHAT BAIL? What bail? (Asks for clarification) 5 73. NO THIS IS A HAYSTACK. No, this is a haystack. 6 74. YEAH AND PUT IT A TRUCK. Yeah, and put it in the truck. 4 75. HOW YOU DO THIS? How do you do this? 5 76. HOW YOU TAKE IT OFF? How do you take it off? 4 77. THEY BE IN HERE. They will be in here. 5 78. AND THEY BE IN HERE. And they will be in here.Name: Jillian Coughlan6 79. ONE CAN DRIVE THIS UP FRONT. One can drive this up front. 4 80. ONE IN A BACK. One is in the back. 6 81. AND THE HAYSTACK CAN SIT BACK. And the haystack can sit in the back. 3 82. IN THE BACK. in the back. 7 83. I'M TAKING AND PUT IN THERE. I'm taking this and putting it in here. 5 84. I'M TAKING THIS ONE. I'm taking this one. 4 85. I'M TAKING THIS. I'm taking this. 5 86. I HOOKING THIS HOOK ON. I'm hooking this hook on (to the tractor). 7 87. AND I'M TAKING IT UP. And I'm taking it up. 3 88. I'M TAKING. I'm taking (the bail off the hook). 4 89. PUT IN THE BACK. I will put it in the back.SUBTOTAL: 1988 90. I'LL GET IT UP AND DRIVING. I'll get it up and start driving. 3 91. ALL OF THEM. I want all of them. 6 92. AND THEM WANT TAKE IT OUT. and they want to take it out. 4 93. AND PUT IN THERE. and then put it in here. 4 94. AND THEM EAT IT. and they eat it. 4 95. A SHEEP CAN'T. A sheep can't paint. 4 96. CAUSE IT LOCKED. Because it's locked. (locked is an adjective here) 4 97. IT IS. It is locked. (locked is an adjective here)Name: Jillian Coughlan3 98. HE UP FRONT. He's up front. 2 99. THIS BERT. This is Bert. 4 100. HE GO IN THERE. He goes in there.SUBTOTAL: 46Total: 428MLU: Brown’s

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