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Montclair CMST 101 - Persuasive Speech Guideline

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CMST101 Speech #3: Persuasive Speech GuidelineDue: August 5 by 11:59pmDescriptionPersuasive speaking seeks to impact a belief and/or move someone to action. You will need to select one of the persuasive speaking formats discussed in class (failure to do so will result in a 50% point deduction). Some things tokeep in mind:- Ask less of your audience; you'll achieve more.- Prove your statements through logic, supporting data, and hard evidence.- Remember that main points are ideas that statistics and testimony support.TopicReview the persuasive speaking format options thoroughly. It is best to present an aspect of your topic that is not generallyagreed upon or accepted. For example, you do not want to persuade your audience that people are overweight due to “poor diet and lack of exercise” but rather, “the impact of factory farming and the valuing of profit over the health of the general population.” See the difference? Which reasons require more explanation and convincing of the audience? One contains information that may be new and/or debatable. ** Everyone needs to submit your persuasive speech topic to a discussion thread on Canvas by midnight on July 31. No two students may select the same topic. If your topic is already posted, you must select a different topic.Time6-8 minutesYou will receive deductions if your speech is under 6 minutes. At 8 minutes I will stop watching your video and I will not grade any of the material that extends beyond the 8-minute limit.OutlineSubmit your outline via Canvas TurnItIn on 8/5 by 11:59 pm. It should follow one of the assigned formats discussed inclass. Failure to submit your outline by the deadline will impact the “supporting material” portion of your score. (see therubric on Canvas for more details)SourcesYou are required to have 5 sources and you must verbally cite all sources during your speech! Your outline must include parenthetical citations, and a works cited page.Visual AidsYou are required to have a minimum of 2 visual aids. Because of the difficulty of showing the visual aid while also recording your speech I am not requiring you to show your visual aid during the recording of your presentation. You should upload the visual to the visual aid folder (link below). In your presentation you will simply reference the aid by stating, “Refer to the graph I provided demonstrating the increase in obesity rates among Americans over the last 20 years.” Visual Aids are due by 8/5, 11:59 pm Recording of speech 3 is due 8/5, 11:59 pm Links to Google foldersSpeech 3 Google Folder: Aid Google Folder:

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