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UT HDF 355 - Role Evaluations Group Leader

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Research Assistant End of Semester Evaluation Template – Group LeaderGroup Leader Name: ____________________________Research Assistant Name: ________________________________Date of Evaluation: ___________________________The questions on this evaluation are based on the Career Readiness Competencies identified by the National Association of Colleges & Employers (NACE) as key competencies individuals need in the transition from college to career. We encourage you to use or modify this form to provide meaningful feedback for your Research Assistant’s growth and development every semester. Note: this form is based on the University of Washington’s Career & Internship Center intern performance evaluation template.Please rate your Research Assistant on the following areas:Critical Thinking / Problem SolvingStronglyAgreeAgree DisagreeStronglyDisagreeN/A1. Shows a sincere interest in understanding the organization, their role, and their assigned tasks2. Practices sound judgment based on an analysis of available data and information3. Demonstrates creativity in approaching tasks, solving problems, and overcoming obstacles4. Seeks out resources and/or asks for help when unsure about how to proceed on tasksComments:Communication / LeadershipStronglyAgreeAgree DisagreeStronglyDisagreeN/A1. Clearly and efficiently conveys ideas orally to persons inside and outside the organization2. Communicates ideas clearly in writing in a manner suited to the intended audience3. Manages their own emotions and works to understand and empathize with others4. Takes initiative and seeks opportunities to contributeComments:Teamwork / Collaboration / Intercultural FluencyStronglyAgreeAgree DisagreeStronglyDisagreeN/A1. Builds constructive working relationships with individuals from a range of backgrounds 2. Demonstrates inclusiveness, sensitivity, and respect for individuals’ differences3. Contributes effectively to collaborative projects4. Adapts well to emerging requests from managers, coworkers, and customersComments:Professionalism / Work Ethic / TechnologyStronglyAgreeAgree DisagreeStronglyDisagreeN/A1. Demonstrates respect for organizational staff, policies, and norms2. Maintains a regular schedule, makes up missed hours, and is punctual and present3. Organizes and prioritizes work, manages time, and sees tasks through from start to finish 4. Identifies and effectively uses appropriate technologies and programs to complete workComments:Career ManagementStronglyAgreeAgree DisagreeStronglyDisagreeN/A1. Accepts constructive feedback from others and is able to learn from mistakes2. Self-advocates in a professional manner3. Can identify their strengths and weaknesses4. Can articulate next steps to further prepare them for their future Comments:Please describe the Research Assistant’s progress towards goals they initially set at the beginning of the internship.What are the Research Assistant’s greatest strengths? Please share specific times you witnessed these strengths in action.What areas of growth could improve the Research Assistant’s success in the future? Please give 1-3

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