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UGA HDFS 2100 - Sex: Baseball or Pizza?

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Name: _____Emma Davis______________ 810: __811721891_____________Sex: Baseball or Pizza? 1. Watch this TedTalk: Sex Needs a New Metaphor2. Complete the chart below based on the advantages/disadvantages of using the metaphorof baseball for sex and the metaphor of pizza for sex. I’ve included examples of what Imean by advantages/disadvantages in the first row. You may not replicate these answersand you must fill in the entire chart for full credit. Consider from a social exchange theory the rewards/costs of thinking about sexual intercourse as baseballv. pizza. Baseball: Rewards Baseball: Costs Pizza: Rewards Pizza: CostsIt’s predictable because of rules. I knowwhat to expect. You can only play in certain conditions orwhen it’s scheduled; no spontaneity. There are so many options! Sometimes it takes a long time to make adecision about what I want on my pizzaand can create an argument with mypartner. As partners, you know thenatural order of how eventsshould take place duringsexual activity because of thebase model.Some people may feel like it isthe goal every time to score,even when it might not beappropriate at the time. You and your partner candecide when each other wantspizza, whenever and wherever.It can cause a problem if oneperson wants pizza every nightand the other wants to do otheractivities. As a player on the team, youknow how to play yourposition, so you should beIf you are a benchwarmer(virgin) you may start to feelbad for yourself, or like no oneWith pizza, there are so manycombinations, and it cantrigger healthy conversationsIf one partner wants pizza forbreakfast every day, and theother partner likes their pizzaHDFS 2100: Development within the Family POWER BOOST 1Name: _____Emma Davis______________ 810: __811721891_____________prepared to play the game. wants to play the game withyou. about what exactly each personwants to eat that specific night, this can causeconflict.If you are good at hitting, thenyou would expect to get faralong the bases. If you strike out, then youmight feel discouraged, andyou might not want to tryhitting again. Pizza is very good, andeveryone tends to like it, andmight want it quite often. You have to be careful withpizza, because it can burn youif it gets too hot in the long runif you don’t protect yourself. HDFS 2100: Development within the Family POWER BOOST

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