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COMP 200 Course Policies 1 COMP 200 Spring 2021 Course Policies. Fundamentals of Networking M/W 3:35 Online Online Course, often with Synchronous Zoom meetings M/W 3:35 PM. (See D2L for details & updates.) Professor: Dr. Mark Jones URLs: Email: [email protected] Office: Akeley 225 phone: (570) 484-2401 (Use Zoom) Jones Zoom Office #: 941 448 7613 Office Hours: Mon. 1:20-3:20; Wed.: 10:00-12:00; Thurs.: 12:30-1:30 & by appointment or chance Required Text: Computer Networking A Top-Down Approach, 7th Edition James F. Kurose and Keith W. Ross, 2017. ISBN-13: 978-0133594140 ISBN-10: 0133594149 The E-book version is acceptable. The text’s additional “web resources” are not required. Majors should know that the material in this course is revisited in COMP 475. Keep your notes. Course Prerequisites: COMP 150 or COMP 119 Course Objectives: This introduces fundamentals of computer networks and the Internet. The TCP/IP protocol stack and concepts are introduced. Application layer protocols used for FTP, Web and email access, DNS etc. are studied. Transport layer protocols TCP and UDP are investigated. Students learn the concept of IP address assignment, Router configuration and the physical layer. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to do the following 1. Define the layers of the TCP/IP protocol Stack 2. Explain the basics of Routing and Switching 3. Describe the general layout of the Internet and operation of the Internet 4. Describe the structure and layout of a Local Area Network 5. Demonstrate familiarity with the use of Networking tools used for system monitoring and network troubleshooting Course Policy Quiz During the first days of the semester, students are required to take a quiz based on the content of this document. The quiz is available on D2L and a student may take the quiz as many times as necessary during the first week. Students must score a 100% on this quiz in order to pass the class. Early in the semester, LHU administration requires instructors to report “no shows” (enrolled students who have provided no evidence of attending class. Students that have not satisfactorily completed the Course Policy Quiz by the day of that request will be automatically dropped from the course without warning. Grading: Final grades will be calculated with the following weighted average: Individual Assignments 10% Quizzes (drop lowest) 22% Regular Exams (two) 42% Final Exam (cumulative) 26% The lowest quiz score will be dropped from the final grade computation. The following grading system will be used when assigning the final grade for the course: A 93-100 %; A- 90-93 %; B+ 87-90 %; B 83-87 % B- 80-83 %; C+ 77-80 %; C 73-77 %; C- 70-73 % D+ 67-70 %; D 60-67 %; E <60 % All course assignments submitted must have a professional appearance. Prof. Jones is the instructor of record for this class. Only the instructor of record can properly assess coursework and issue midterm and final grades.COMP 200 Course Policies 2 Class Participation & Attendance Each student is responsible for completing all course requirements and keeping up with all activities of the course. Missed Exams or Assignment Deadlines All deadlines are firm. Students must plan accordingly, and keep up to not be vulnerable to problems as the deadline approaches. Please note that if a student waits until the last hours and a computer crashes or Martians land on LHU’s soccer field, it was the student’s decision to leave too little time to allow for potential problems. Each student is responsible for keeping up with the coursework and for verifying that assignments are properly submitted by the due date. D2L provides email confirmation of drop box submissions. Special accommodations for missing an exam or an assignment deadline are only possible if the student promptly provides appropriate documentation. If the problem is related to illness, your professor will accept appropriate documentation from the LHU Glennon Student Health Services. Concerns / Comments: Please do not hesitate to see your professor if you have concerns or comments about the course. If after discussing an issue with the professor, you believe that a significant concern has not been satisfactorily addressed, feel free to contact the department chair. Online Course To succeed in this online course, students must have the discipline to log in frequently and keep up with deadlines. Technology sometimes fails and we will need backup plans to deal with these failures. You should: - Stay well-ahead of deadlines. - Immediately after submitting assignment double-check to make sure it is submitted correctly in D2L. - Identify alternative arrangements for getting your work done. Redundancy is helpful. A cheap example is having multiple browsers available (e.g.., Chrome and Firefox, etc.). Ideally, identify an alternative machine and alternative network connections. - Do not wait until only a few hours before the due date to complete an assignment. Staying ahead reduces stress and minimizes the pain caused by many technical glitches. Potential Policy Updates This course policies document provides a general guideline of what to expect from this course. The instructor reserves the right to make changes as appropriate based on the progress of the class. If changes are made, students will be notified and the changes will be documented in an updated course policies document. Forseeable University-Excused Absences Students with foreseeable University-excused scheduling conflicts (e.g., student athletes, military requirements, etc.) must provide the professor with notice at least two class meetings in advance of the absence. Communication 1. Students should check our course's D2L site before each class meeting. Check D2L for a relevant notice before composing an email. Email is not an acceptable substitute for a D2L drop box. 2. Students are expected to use only their official university email accounts. This includes maintaining the ability to receive email, and checking email

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