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UNC-Chapel Hill PHIL 154 - Critique Form

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Critique FormCritique FormWhat is the name of the author of the paper that you are commenting on?Courtney PringHow many words is the draft? (Is it between 1500 and 2000?)1577Which prompt is the author responding to?3At the start of the paper, does the author clearly and explicitly statetheir view on the question asked by the prompt? Please explain.Yes. Uses “I will explain” and “I prove”. Clearly states her view that procedural objectivity is the best but also mentions how she will prove that other forms aren’t as effective.Does the author offer a clear argument in defense of their view? Is that argument valid? Sound? Please explain.Yes. Valid and sound. Points are proven. Used strong examples but wording could be switched up more.What is the strongest argument against the position taken by the author that is not yet, or not well, responded to?The influence of values paragraph-I would put how else it is shown besides inconversation.Please offer some constructive criticism of the paper. That is, to theextent the paper itself is unclear, help to clarify it; to the extent the arguments offered in it are not compelling, try to bolster them; to the extent there is an important counter-argument not considered by the author, explain it; and to the extent the author has misunderstood the theories and positions relevant to the assignment, help them to understand it.Courtney,Great paper. I like how you included politics, liberal vs. conservative, and theenvironment example. I tried to make some sentences less wordy, but of course thesechanges are totally up to you. I also changed some of the passive voice. One thing youseem to repeat a lot is the paragraph talking about scientists’ ideals and values. Maybeadd some diversity. Your points are very clear. The paragraph about the other types of objectivity you don’t argue seems unnecessary.Suggest, in concrete terms, some ways to improve the style and presentation of the paper. (Remember, clarity and precision are the most highly prized traits in philosophy writing.)Less passive voice. Correct run-on sentences. Less wordy

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