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UNC-Chapel Hill PHIL 230 - Syllabus

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Philosophy 230: Mind, Matter, and Metaphysics: the Philosophy of Experience and RealitySpring 2020 (remote)Instructor: Michaela Tiller, [email protected] time: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 1:25-2:15pmZoom meeting link: hours: Monday and Wednesday 3:00-4:00 pm (same Zoom link) or by appointmentCourse description:In this class, we will ask questions concerning the relation between our phenomenological experiences and the reality of the world. We will look at texts, both historical and contemporary, on topics like the following: Am I my mind, my body or some combination of the two? What makes me the same person today as I was yesterday? Can we know that our experiences are real?Can free will be reconciled with scientific or religious determinism? How can we distinguish between knowledge and error? What is the true nature of the properties (like colors and tastes) we experience and which we attribute to objects? Is it rational to make predictions about the future? Is the way in which we know mathematical truths the same as that in which we know historical facts? This course will acquaint you with work done in the fields of metaphysics, epistemology and philosophy of mind.Course policies:Class meetings: We will be meeting on Zoom. Each session will be a mix of lecture (with screen-shared Powerpoint), small group discussion of assigned questions (in break out rooms) and whole class discussion or question time. The balance of the mix will shift between individual class meetings. Your preparation for class (doing the readings and thinking about them) directly affects the quality of the discussion for all students and is therefore essential. I will keep the reading for each class meeting relatively brief, but you must read it in advance of class and arriveprepared to contribute.Instructor availability: My email address is [email protected] I strive to respond to student emails within 48 hours (excepting weekends and holidays). Please ensure that emails regarding assignments are sent sufficiently in advance of the deadline to allow a response. If your email will require me to read a part of your writing or respond with more than a few lines, please instead meet with me in office hours. My office hours are held via Zoom from 3:00-4:00pm on Monday and Wednesday. I am also available to meet on Zoom at other times by appointment. Please contact me if you would like to meet and my standard office hours do not work for you. I particularly encourage you to meet with me when working on your writing assignments. While I will not read full drafts of assignments, I will discuss paper topics and read outlines or single paragraphs, and previous students have found this to be a useful resource.Readings: There is no textbook for this course. Readings will be made available via Sakai as pdfs or links to UNC library resources. You are expected to have done the readings before each class and to be ready to discuss them.Grading policy: If you are convinced that your grade on some assignment is mistaken, I will regrade, however I will only do so after a discussion during office hours of the grade and the grading will be from scratch (such that your grade may decrease as well as increase).Grading scale: When calculating final grades, total points 93-100 = A; 90-92 = A-; 87-89 = B+; 83-86 = B; 80-82 = B-; 77-79 = C+; 73-76 = C; 70-72 = C-; 67-69 = D+; 60-66 = D; 0-59 = FHonor Code: The Honor Code is in effect for all assignments. Work which is in violation of the Honor Code will be failed, and may result in a grade of F for the course. Plagiarism will not be tolerated, and it is defined at UNC by the Honor Court as “deliberate or reckless representation of another’s words, thoughts, or ideas as one’s own without attribution in connection with submission of academic work, whether graded or otherwise.” Do not copy an author without reference, even in paraphrase. You may use citations in any style of your choice, so long as I can locate the text you have used (even if you paraphrase the material rather than quote directly, you must cite). You should clearly demarcate between other’s thoughts and your own. You may discuss the readings and the prompts with your peers, but do not look at each other’s outlines or assignments (collaborating on writing would violate the Honor Code). Furthermore, work which has been turned in in other classes is ineligible to be turned in in this course and will not receive credit. If you have any concerns as to whether some behavior is acceptable, please raise your questions with me in advance, because instructors at UNC are required to report violations to the Honor Court. Ignorance as to what plagiarism consists of is not an excuse. The following websitemay be of use: Students with documented disabilities should contact ARS if you have not already. Upon receipt of a notification from the ARS portal, I will make every effort to accommodate youas necessary. Accessibility Resources & Service (ARS) UNC-Chapel Hill facilitates the implementation of reasonable accommodations for students with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, mental health struggles, chronic medical conditions, temporary disability, or pregnancy complications, all of which can impair student success. See the ARS website for contact and registration information: and Psychological Services: Particularly during this time of pandemic, you may find yourself in need of support. CAPS is strongly committed to addressing the mental health needs of a diverse student body through timely access to consultation and connection to clinically appropriate services, whether for short- or long-term needs. Go to their website: or visit their facilities on the third floor of the Campus Health Service building for a walk-in evaluation to learn more.Title IX Resources: Any student who is impacted by discrimination, harassment, interpersonal (relationship) violence, sexual violence, sexual exploitation, or stalking is encouraged to seek resources on campus or in the community. Please contact the Director of Title IX Compliance (Adrienne Allison – [email protected]), Report and Response Coordinators in the EqualOpportunity and Compliance Office ([email protected]), Counseling and Psychological Services (confidential), or the Gender

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