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NCSU PS 336 - Preliminary Introduction

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Dylan E. BrackPreliminary Introduction23 Feb. 2021Humans are in a perpetual struggle to maintain balance with the environment. Each year, with growing population and needs, a larger strain is put on the earth and its resources. An environmental innovation enters this equation as a sense weight being lifted from the environment’s shoulders, helping to maintain this equilibrium. China has historically been a technological powerhouse, with a manufacturing sector that is globally renowned (Trading Economics) . Another notorious characteristic of China is the notably deprived quality of life of its constituents (Expat Insider). To be such a proud nation with an unparalleled industrial resume yet have dissatisfying healthcare systems and worrying child labor is an intriguing concept of a somewhat paradoxical nature. How could citizens feel inclined to further a country’s global position regarding technology and industry, while simultaneously disenfranchising the individual? Despite the nature of China’s socio-political structure, they continue to impress with innovations in all sectors. However, their carbon emissions are a very accurate reflection of their GDP (UoCS). A recent remarkable environmental innovation that China has announced to be completed in the next decade could help to combat their battered ecological reputation. The innovation: space-based solar power projects. This concept was given up on by the United States decades ago, but with increasing space technology, the Chinese government has backed the idea (CNBC). Wireless energy transfer is already a widely implemented and viable technology in the world. This innovation could completely restructure the power grids of the world, altering how everyone receives power for their homes and businesses.Bibliography:“China Industrial Production1990-2020 Data: 2021-2023 Forecast: Calendar.” China Industrial Production | 1990-2020 Data | 2021-2023 Forecast | Calendar, Erprose. “China Plans a Solar Power Play in Space That NASA Abandoned Decades Ago.” CNBC, CNBC, 17 Mar. 2019, Expat Insider 2017: The Ups & Downs of Life in China.,a%20global%20average%20of%2026%25. “List of Goods Produced by Child Labor or Forced Labor.” U.S. Department of Labor Seal, “Top 5 Environmental Innovations to Watch out For.” Industry Europe, 14 Sept. 2019, Union of Concerned Scientists (UoCS). Each Country's Share of CO2 Emissions. 12 Aug. 2020,

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