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URI OCG 108G - Assignment 3B

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Assignment 3B: guided discussion report OCG 108G Living by the Ocean (Spring 2021) Due 9 PM on Thursday (2/11/21). Yesterday, you have submitted the final version of your story and a plan for project B. Today, you will share your plan for project B with peers in breakout rooms and get some feedback. You will also discuss the selected stories from other students, which is posted on BrightSpace. The breakout will last about 40 minutes. Step 1: Assign roles Facilitator: (1) Make sure team starts quickly and remains focused during the activity. (2) Make sure all voices are heard. Time keeper: Takes care of the time management. Who is the facilitator? Me Who is the time keeper? Benji Vickowski Step 2: Share research experience Each student should share their experience of conducting research and share what is the most difficult part of doing research. Up to 1 minute for each student. Who has the most experience in your group? Benji has the most experience along with me. Is there anything that you find useful or interesting? Not too much that I have not heard already and/or done already. Step 3: Share research plan and write down feedback Each student should share their research plan in less than 3 minutes. Others will provide feedback, each less than 1 minute. Please write down the feedback you got from other students. Others said that it is a good plan and theirs are very similarAssignment 3B: guided discussion report OCG 108G Living by the Ocean (Spring 2021) Please write down any additional idea came to your mind about how to improve the research. No additional ideas that I did not already have. Step 4: Read stories from some students and share your thoughts. Selected stories have been posted on BrightSpace Course Page Week 3. Please take a quick read and answer the questions below. Then each student should share their answers (up to 1 minute each). What is the story that you like the most? Why? The flooding story in the Dominican Republic I liked the most because it was a very real and personal story that nobody would want to go through. Is there anything surprised you? It surprised me how crazy the scenario was and how he had to go get his sister when his mom was out of town with all of the flooding going on. Step 5: Feedback How do you like this session? Any suggestion to improve it? I think it is alright but most people already know the best methods for themselves in terms of researching topics for a paper in that all of us have had to do this for other classes throughout our school

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