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Department of Mechanical and Aerospace EngineeringStandard Operating Procedure for Bernoulli PIV Series Pulsed Nd:YAG LaserLaser Class and Wavelength (nm) Class 4 PIV laser532, 1064 nmLaser Model and Serial Number:(PSU:LPU 550 B and 90290/0087)(Laser Head: Bernoulli 200-15 and LM2782)Laser Manager: Emmanuel Gabriel-OhanuStorage Location: UCF Siemens CATER LAB (SIEMENS ENEGY CNTER)Revision Number 0 (Setup/Assembling) Date: 6/21/19Revision made by: Emmanuel Gabriel-Ohanu Approved by: Dr. Samik BhattacharyaNB (Laser Details):Max output-500mJPulse Duration- 3 to 7 nsVolts- 90-250 @ 50/60HzAMPS- 16Eyewear optical density (OD):2-5+1. Circumstances of Use:This Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) outlines requirements to be considered by an authorized user of the Class 4 PIV laser 532, 1064 nm lasers as well as describes the important information that is required to allow the safe installation, use and maintenance of this laser system. The primary use of the laser is for Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) during experiment. 2. Potential Hazards: A. Laser Hazards: THE BERNOULLI PIV SERIES OF LASERS ARE CLASS 4 LASER DEVICESAND ARE CAPABLE OF EMITTING LEVELS OF BOTH VISIBLE AND INVISIBLE RADIATIONTHAT CAN CAUSE DAMAGE TO THE EYES AND SKIN. As the laser output is potentially harmful,THESE WAVELENGTHS ARE 1064nm and 532nm the user and those in the same room, or opticalproximity to the laser should be aware of its operation and the potential hazards. In order to minimize thedanger posed by the laser output, there are several steps that the user can take.B. Electrical Hazards: high and potentially lethal voltages and stored energies are present within both thepower supply and laser head during operation and standby. Always isolate the power supply from themains and wait at least 5 minutes before removing the cover, if necessary. never remove the inner coverto the power supply3. Work Practice Controls and Safety: A. General SafetyThe operation of the Bernoulli PIV series of pulsed Nd:YAG lasers should always be in accordance with the procedures described within this manual. As the laser output is potentially harmful, the user and those in the same room, or optical proximity to the laser should be aware of its operation and the potential hazards. In order to minimize the danger posed by the laser output, there are several steps that the user can take. These include, but are not limited to:• Never operate the laser in a room where light can escape through windows or doors. If possible interlockthe door(s) giving access to the room using the external interlock connector on the power supply unit. • Always ensure that adequate and proper protective eyewear is provided for all persons who may be exposed to radiation from the laser during its operation. • If possible mount the laser below eye level. • Assume that all reflections pose a danger and never knowingly look at a reflecting surface even when wearing protective eyewear. • Be aware of back reflections from energy monitors and dump them safely. • Keep the intra-cavity safety shutter closed whenever the output is not needed and if possible stop the laser. • Always dump the beam safely onto an absorbing target. Be mindful of the fact that the target will increase in temperature and may pose a fire hazard. • Always post appropriate CLASS 4 laser warnings on all entrances to the room where the laser is used. • Try to ensure that the beam path is shrouded, to avoid any radiation escaping. • Always ensure the laser is secured suitably so that it cannot be moved during operation. • Always ensure the connections to the laser head and power supply are secured and do not pose a trippinghazard. B. OPERATIONAL SAFETY All Litron laser systems are equipped with a full suite of interlocks. The function of an interlock can be either: 1. To shut the laser down when further operation in the current state may cause damage to the system 2. To prevent the system being operated in an unsafe state that could result in harm to the user. The function detailed in point 1 also acts as a self-check during laser start up and operation. In addition, all interlocks are latched so that if a transient fault occurs (such as opening and closing a door connected to the external interlock), the user can readily see the cause for the system shutdown. This is an important diagnostic tool. In point 2 an external interlock is present so that the room or enclosure that houses the laser system can beinterlocked. This helps to protect the user and others from accidental exposure to laser radiation. In addition to the external interlock, the covers for the laser head and PSU are also interlocked. The following points should always be adhered to: • Never operate the laser with the covers removed from the laser head and interlocks defeated. • Never operate the laser with the covers removed from the power supply, lamp connections, or lamp. Lethal voltages are present that may cause death or serious injury. C. OPTICAL SAFETY Laser emissions from the Bernoulli PIV series of pulsed Nd: YAG lasers are sufficiently intense to cause blindness. Blindness may result not only from direct incidence of the beam on the eye, but from any type of reflection either diffuse or specular. As the radiation emitted is invisible the danger may not be obvious. It is absolutely necessary that protective eyewear with a sufficiently high optical density at the wavelengths emitted by the laser is worn at all times when operating the laser. WARNING: LASER RADIATION AND MAY INCLUDE DEPENDING UPON THE MODEL 532nm, 355nm, 266nm AND 213nm. ALWAYS AVOID DIRECT EYE OR SKIN CONTACT WITH ANY RADIATION BE IT LASER OR COLLATERAL. The emission indicators on the laser head and power supply unit warn of laser emissions. It should be assumed that a hazardous emission exists if either of these is illuminated. The emission indicators are of acolour that can be viewed through all protective eyewear appropriate to the operation of this device. All laser systems in the Bernoulli PIV series are supplied with an intra-cavity electronic safety shutter thatis electronically verified. When the laser is turned on the shutter is automatically closed so that the systemwill not start up in a condition where lasing can occur. If the shutter is not in the verified position then the laser will not start. 1.5 ELECTRICAL SAFETY It is necessary to the operation of a flashlamp pumped pulsed Nd:YAG laser system of this type that

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