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BU MGMT 311 - MGMT 311 Project 1

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Maxim SorokinMGMT 311Project 1Personality ReflectionPrior to going on and taking their assessment I always wondered where my character fell under all these personality charts. I always felt like a complete 50/50 in terms of my personality because of the way I can be comfortable doing anything. I have always been comfortable in a setting of a lot of people, but have also been content with spending a lot oftime alone. I have never felt in either scenario that I was out of place, but rather just doing what Idesire to. However, being so 50/50 in my personality traits could sometimes lead to confusion as to what I would rather do in certain situations. If I have a chance to go out with some friends or stay in, I argue with myself about the pros and cons of both possibilities. Overall, taking the 16personalities test online, furthered my understanding of my personality as most of my results were 50/50.My results for the test were ENFP-A, meaning that I am mostly extroverted, intuitive, feeling, prospecting, and assertive. The results that caught my attention were how close the extroverted/introverted, thinking/feeling, judging/prospecting, and the assertive/turbulent, as theywere all almost 50/50 on the percentile range. This supported the idea of me being too indecisive when it comes to making decisions that are on the opposite ends of the spectrum. These results can help by realizing what my strengths and weaknesses are that come from me being so unsure in my decision making. My main strengths from the test is that I am very curious and enthusiastic, meaning that I am always looking for new things to explore and try out. This applies to my regular life because I feel as if I am constantly looking for more things to delveinto. If I could apply this to working in an organization or a company, I could be the creative push that a company might need in order to further their success. Additionally, I am also said to be a good communicator and a people person, so anything involving working with individuals and groups I feel like I would do an efficient job. The main weakness that tackled me was the sheer lack of focus on my part, which is something that I agree with. Almost anytime I start a project, I always eventually start to go off the routine and head towards another project without completing the other. For instance, I really wanted to start making EDM music more seriously, but then the video game Valorant caught my attention and I started an esports team for it, which is currently still running. Even though I am explorative and like to try new things, it is not beneficial for me to eventually give up on them. With that being said, this personality test suggests that I should try to focus more on one thing completely and give it my all, because I know I would succeed in something if I put my mind to it. My ultimate goal in my life is to become really successful in what I do, and that takes a lot of determination and focus that I am willing to put out there in order to fulfill my full potential. I can see why companies would want their employees to take a personality test to see where they would fit in best in working in their organization. This is crucial because some personality types fit roles better than others. If I were to compile a team to work together, it would definitely be most efficient to have a lot of diverse personalities with one collective goal. Some would argue that having different personalities might cause conflicts and disagreements within the group, but if there is a collective goal to work together on, their strengths would matcheach others’ weaknesses. If you have a group of people that are all collectively similar, some areas of the project can be difficult for all of them, leading to a poor performance in that specific area. It is important to keep in mind that a group of leaders might collide, while a group with oneleader and everyone supporting each other will ultimately be more successful. To conclude, a diverse group would be more beneficial to the success of a

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