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UT ENS 112 - Mission Blue: Netflix Documentary

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Environmental Science 112FALL SEMESTER 2018INSTRUCTOR: DR. Adrienne [email protected] Blue: Netflix Documentary● Dr. Sylvia Alice Earle is a diver who explores the depths of the ocean. Some may call her a radical for her passion about the ocean, but she says that if people saw what she has, they would understand● Galapagos Expedition: March 2010● Sylvia’s mother was the “bird woman” and would care for any type of animal and herfather was incredible at fixing things● Oil spill caused human and animal casualties● Her passion of the ocean comes from her being around the ocean when she was young and she saw it more full of life● “The World is Blue: How Our Fate and Oceans are One” - her book● Otis Barton got in a steel ball and could see bioluminescent animals a half mile beneath the ocean - Sylvia considers him a soulmate even thought she had never met him● Summer of 1953: enrolled in a marine biology class● Tampa Bay used to be a marsh before development● Hundreds of “dead zones have formed” around the world in the past few decades○ Dead zones are when oxygen levels are so low that animals simply cannot survive● 1964, 6 weeks, International Indian Ocean Expedition. She left her kids to be the only women on this trip with 70 men○ She went to simply explore1● She has never taken a dive and not seen tangible evidence of our presence● Hundreds of nuclear test blast either underwater or on remote islands. This kills so many animals● Oceans are in crisis; coral reefs are shrinking● People don't understand the ocean regulates temp and moves heat around the planet. ● The same industries that harm the planet also have helped with breakthroughs in helping the planet● Sylvia tested the jump suit to see if she could use it to go below 1000 feet, if she does it, she will be the first woman to walk the ocean floor below 1000 feet○ SHe was down there for 2.5 hours● Sylvia asked for them to turn off the lights so she could have a completely dark ocean, but it wasnt completely dark. She saw bioluminescent animal● Sylvia started designing submarines● She became the chief scientist, NoAA● In 20 years, Blue Fin Tuna population dropped 90%● She was asked not to speak on occasion because they knew what she would say. She spoke her mind and they turned her down so she resigned● Like in the other documentary, she went to tokyo and saw rows on rows of fish. ● Of the population in 1950, we have 5% left of Blue Fin Tuna, 10% of Sharks● We catch menhaden so that we can feed them to chicken so we can have chicken that tastes like fish● We can get omega-3’s from the plants that fish eat. Fish dont even make this on their own● Once menhaden are gone, the chesapeake bay will not be the same ecosystem● OUr ignorance is the biggest problem● Protect the ocean in the same way we protect the land: Mission Blue● The biggest thing we've done to the ocean is kill things that live there● Cabo pulmo illegal to fish dumping, killing2● A Hope Spot is a place that gives you cause for hope. It's a big chunk of the planet... orit can be a relatively small place.● Australia had more marine diversity, more marine species than any other country in the world. Like, 95% are just found there and nowhere else on the planet.● Australia is a leader in terms of establishing protection for the sea, starting in the mid-1970s with the establishment of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority… and more recently, a designation of the Coral Sea, a large area that basically hugs the Great Barrier Reef.● Went to the Coral Sea and there was a ton of dead coral● There are supposed to be fish and sharks and schools of barracuda● Half the coral reefs around the work are gone● We've got to really rewire the way human beings look at our relationship to nature.● the ocean could be empty and it would still look the same. It's a very hard thing to convey what's happening,● 3 million sq miles of ocean have been protected since the beginning of the the filming ofMission Blue● Since deepwater horizon, drilling has increased ● 2014, less than 3% protected. Mission Blue ants 20% by 2020^^ Mission Blue

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