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UIUC BTW 250 - Job Application Portfolio (Sp 21)

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BTW 250 Dr. Hudek Job Application Portfolio 150 Points, Revisable, Due Tuesday, March 2nd, 9am, on Moodle. Contents (the short version): ● “Cover Letter” (10 points) (1 page) a. Job you are applying to and the “3 things” the job is looking for b. Table of contents c. Most challenging aspects of the portfolio d. Most rewarding aspects of the portfolio ● Audience Analysis Memo (10 points) (1 page) a. Paragraph one: provide an analysis of the things valued by the company you are applying to. This analysis is about the company in general, not the job description itself. b. Paragraph two: how might you use this information in a job interview, or in your application letter or in your resume? ● Stock Resume (completion) (1 page) a. A copy of the resume you came into class with without any changes ● Targeted Resume (completion) (1 page) a. A revised resume that targets the “three things” of the one specific job ● Resume Response Memo (40 points) (1 page) a. A memo that explains how your resume meets the “3 things” you think the job is most looking for. Have a section in this memo for each of those attributes and show how your resume targets those 3 things. ● Job Application Letter (75 points) (1 page) a. Intro paragraph b. Education paragraph c. Experience paragraph d. Closing paragraph ● Reflection Memo (10 points) (1 page) a. Tell me what job materials advice you already knew and how you applied it b. Tell me something new you learned c. Tell me how you are going to use this in the future General Advice ● Concise / to the point ● Specific always beats general ● Give details/evidence to back up your claims ● Honesty and authenticity ● Completion of all materials required =5

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