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RACC PSYC 1305 - Pollution Problems

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Padilla 1Victor PadillaProfessor Carmen GarzaINDS-1311-FR0227 November 2019Pollution ProblemsThere is not that much concern about pollution in today’s modern world, but there should be because there have been many problems. That is why this essay will discuss the many issues that the United States has with pollution. Specifically, it will explain the causes of the major pollution around the United States. The primary cause of air pollution in the Texas area is the vehicles people use every day on the road. Brody, Samuel, Mitchell, and Wesley that wrote for the Risk Analysis an International Journal points out that “The major source of emissions in these areas is on-road vehicles. For example, carbon monoxide emissions exceeded 1,175 tons per year in the Houston area and 826 tons per year in the Dallas area” (1564). The information that is provided from the journal it tells people that vehicles on the road make 1,175 carbon monoxide each time. This means that this would make the air nonbreathable for people because of the massive carbons that cars make. Therefore, there was a study on the amount of particle matter that is a sum of all solids and liquids that make hazardous air to breathe. Lee and Ipek wrote for the International Journal of environmental research and public health about the main source of pollution. The authors bring up that, “While there is no definitive agreement about which pollutant is the best surrogate for traffic air pollution, the main source of PM2.5 is vehicle emissions” (7). This informationPadilla 2tells people that there is no definitive agreement on what is the primary source of pollution, but these authors found that vehicle emissions make the high (PM) in Texas. Another major cause that pollutes the air quality is the massive number of factories in the Texas area. In the article “Analyzing Multivariable Water Chemistry to Assess Water Quality of Reference Sites in Texas in Compliance with the National Rivers and Streams Assessment”. Nejad and Wechter point out that, “When taking into account concentration and toxicity levels, Texas ranks as the top water polluter in the nation, producing approximately 34 million toxicity-weighed pounds, more than double all other states combined” (1). By this information, it gives evidence that factories are a major source of the polluted air in Texas, making 34 million toxicitypounds of contaminated air. Furthermore, source of pollution that Texas has is the power generation around the state that make droughts. Loew, Aviva, Jaramillo, and Zhai, these authors brought up that, “While the power generation sector only accounted for 4.2% of Texas consumptive water use in 2010, this volume is nonetheless non-trivial and reduces overall water availability in a drought-stricken state” (2). By the information that provides power generation takes a significant amount from thewater supply of communities and quality. That is important that cities in Texas need to find another source for electricity.Another cause of pollution that many people look at is the particulate matter that is made from the factories all over the Texas. Dekker brings up the cause of pollution in today’s world here what he has to say, “These high AQIs were caused by high concentration so of several pollutants, but most importantly particulate matter” (1). With the information that is provide talksabout how the particles that the factories are making are causing the air pollution in today’sPadilla 3world. Because the particles have a high concentration that pollute the air in a negative way hurting the environment and the resident who live near a factory.Other factors that people think items such as smoking does not have an effect of the amount of pollution but those people are wrong. Calderón-Garcidueñas brings up that,” Cigarettesmoking as a stroke risk factor (and of course an excellent source of large air pollution) (12)”. This information tells people that smoking has a big factor in air pollution. If people keep on smoking the air will become more polluted because of the gasses it makes from smoking.Padilla 4Work CitiedBrody, Samuel D., B. Mitchell Peck, and Wesley E. Highfield. "Examining localized patterns of air quality perception in Texas: a spatial and statistical analysis." Risk Analysis: An International Journal 24.6 (2004): 1561-1574.Calderón-Garcidueñas, Lilian, et al. "Air pollution and your brain: what do you need to know right now." Primary health care research & development 16.4 (2015): 329-345.Dekker, Iris N., et al. "What caused the extreme CO concentrations during the 2017 high-pollution episode in India?." Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 19.6 (2019): 3433-3445.Lee, Kyuhyun, and Ipek N. Sener. "Understanding Potential Exposure of Bicyclists on Roadwaysto Traffic-Related Air Pollution: Findings from El Paso, Texas, Using Strava Metro Data. 16.3 (2019): 371.Loew, Aviva, Paulina Jaramillo, and Haibo Zhai. "Marginal costs of water savings from cooling system retrofits: a case study for Texas power plants." Environmental Research Letters 11.10 (2016): 104004.Nejad, Gabriel Wechter. Analyzing Multivariable Water Chemistry to Assess Water Quality of Reference Sites in Texas in Compliance with the National Rivers and Streams Assessment.Diss. Tarleton State University, 2019.Padilla

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