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MORAINE VALLEY COM 103 - 2 informative speech topics

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Below is an example of a complete/correct format heading. In the Thomas Jefferson example, please take note of the fact of how the topic isn’t broad, it’s specific. Also, notice how the central idea is one sentence that clearly identifies the 3 main points. Finally, notice how each of the main points (listed below the central idea) are written as full/formal/complete sentence.Topic: The accomplishments of Thomas JeffersonGeneral Purpose: To informSpecific Purpose: To inform my audience about the accomplishments of ThomasJefferson.Central Idea: Thomas Jefferson was an accomplished writer, president, andarchitect.Main Points: I. As a writer, Thomas Jefferson penned the Declaration ofIndependence and Notes on the State of Virginia.II. As President, Thomas Jefferson negotiated the LouisianaPurchase and approved the Lewis and Clark expedition.III. As an architect, Jefferson designed Monticello and theUniversity of Virginia.Please type up 2 informative speech topics. Again, this needs to be typed and contain the following items: Topic, General Purpose, Specific Purpose, Central idea and Main points. Remember, the topic needs to be specific and not broad. Make your 2 informative speech topics look like the “Thomas Jefferson” example above in regard to the layout/structure. However, DO NOT use the same wording in the example. This would count as plagiarism. PLEASE notice how all the sentences are full, formal and complete. They also end with a period! Topic: Social media and technology General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the negative outcome of technology and socialmedia.Central Idea: We get caught up in such a busy lifestyle, that we often don’t see the downfall to social media, and how technology has taken over many of our lives. Technology creates insecurities, it takes up a big chunk of our time and leads to failing relationships, failing grades,and even losing jobs. Main Points:I. Social Media can create insecurities, and negative images of ourselves. II. A form of technology and social media is mainly how our days are spent.III. Putting all of your time and effort on social media, creates separation within relationships and even separation within families.Topic: Student Stress General Purpose: To informSpecific Purpose: To inform my audience about student stress. Central Idea: To discuss about the many sources and effects of student stress and beneficial ways to manage this type of emotional tension.Main Points:I. What are the causes of stress? II. The outcome of student stress. III. The idea of managing

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