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Winter 2021 BILD 1—The Cell Instructor: Andrew Cooper (he/him/his)Office: HSS 1145B (not super applicable now)E-mail: [email protected] (Include BILD 1 in the subject line)Scheduled Lecture Time: A00 MWF 1:00-1:50 pm B00 MWF 2:00-2:50 pm C00 MWF 4:00-4:50 pmOffice Hours: Monday 12:00-1:00 pm, Wednesday 3:00-4:00 pm, Friday 5:00-6:00 pmCourse Learning Objectives:By the end of this course, you should be able to:1. Relate the structure of organelles/molecules to their cellular function.2. Diagram how energy is produced and consumed in the cell.3. Describe how biological information is stored, expressed, and regulated.4. Explain how traits are inherited and how mutations arrive.Lecture Structure: For every lecture day a video will be posted on Canvas. You needto watch the lecture video anywhere within the 24-hour time period of that lecture day.You will be required to complete some activity/reflection after watching the lecture videofor participation credit (see below). Generally, the video will be posted the night before,however if there is a delay in video posting, I will extend the time and make anannouncement on Canvas. Contacting Me: Please ensure that all e-mails include BILD1 in the subject line and ifthe matter requires immediate attention include URGENT in the subject line as well. If Ido not respond to an e-mail within 24-48 hours please send it again. I regularly checkmy e-mail during normal business time (Weekdays 9:00 am-6:00 pm).Optional Text: Campbell Biology, 11th Edition by Urry, Cain, Wasserman, Minorsky andReese (Pearson 2016) ISBN 9780134093413. On the class schedule there will be partsof chapters from the text indicated that match with the lecture topics. These readingsare not required but can be a good resource if you are confused about certainterms/concepts.Canvas: All course related information will be posted on our Canvas site. The lectureslides will be posted at the same time as the lecture video. Please check the Canvassite and your UCSD e-mail regularly for any announcements as these will containessential information.Podcast: Lectures will not be posted through the traditional podcast site. Instead, youwill find videos of the lectures posted on Canvas along with the slides.iClickers: Since this course will be online only, we will not be using clickers, howeverthere will be other mechanisms for participation and engagement with the lectures. Instructional Assistants (IAs): A00Chua, Bernadette [email protected], Anngely [email protected], Emily [email protected], Maivi [email protected], Oanh [email protected]ssain, Suzana [email protected], Kyla [email protected], Logan [email protected], Melissa [email protected], Emma [email protected], Bianca [email protected], Mehreen [email protected], Natalie [email protected], Natalie [email protected], Celeste [email protected] Sections: Sections begin Monday, January 11th. The content will vary frommeeting to meeting, however, active engagement with the material in each section iscritical to developing your understanding of the lecture material. A portion of your gradewill be based on attendance and active participation in section. Discussion sections willbe done remotely through Zoom. You are required to attend/participate in yourdesignated discussion time to ensure equal student:IA ratio among the sections. Whenyou join the Zoom meeting room to participate in discussion sections your real name (asit appears on Canvas) must be set as your screenname so that you receive credit forattendance/participation. If you experience extenuating circumstances that prohibit youfrom attending section, please let me know as soon as possible. I will evaluate theseinstances on a case-by-case basis. If you predict an ongoing inability to attendscheduled discussion section, such as internet issues or time-zone challenges pleasespeak with me as soon as possible to work out an alternative.Assignments: There will be six assignments posted throughout the quarter that willallow you to work with the lecture material and prepare for the exams. These will beposted on Friday evenings (4:00 pm) and will be due Monday afternoon (2:00 pm). Youare welcome to work with each other but the words submitted for your assignmentshould be your own. These assignments will be submitted by uploading to Gradescopeand will be checked for plagiarism.Assignment #1 – Topics 1 Posted 1/8 Due 1/11 Assignment #2 – Topics 2-3 Posted 1/15 Due 1/18 Assignment #3 – Topic 5-6 Posted 1/29 Due 2/1 Assignment #4 – Topics 9 Posted 2/12 Due 2/15 Assignment #5 – Topics 11 Posted 2/19 Due 2/22 Assignment #6 – Topics 13-14 Posted 3/5 Due 3/8Exams: The exams dates are set and will not be changed so plan your semesteraccordingly. Exam 1 is scheduled for Monday, January 25th and will cover material fromthe first four topics. Exam 2 is scheduled for Monday, February 8th and will covermaterial on topics 5-8. Exam 3 is scheduled for Monday, March 1st and will covermaterial on topics 9-12. The Final Exam schedule will be discussed later in the courseand will be cumulative (1/3 focused on Topics 1-12 and 2/3 focused on Topics 13-16). Ifyou do better on the Final than one (or all of the exams) then your Final score willreplace the lowest Exam score (more details below). All exams will be done onlineduring the regularly scheduled lecture time. The exam will be given through Gradescopeand will be checked for plagiarism. While taking the exam you will be logged into Zoomwith either myself or an IA so that any issues or questions about the exam can bereadily answered. You should have your student ID with you and be able to turn on yourcamera during the exam so that your identity can be verified if asked.Regrades: Any issues or concerns with grading on an assignment or an exam must beaddressed/submitted within one week of grades/feedback being posted. The exactprotocol will be explained in more detail once the first assignment is graded. I reservethe right to make changes to the regrades policy if I find that students are abusing/mis-using the option.Lecture Participation Points: Lectures will be delivered through pre-recorded

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