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LU CHEM 1111 - Chem 2 Lab Report 1 - Averie Hayes

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Laboratory 1: Laboratory Safety Name: Averie Hayes Date: _1/27/21___ Objective: The objective of this lab is to learn experimental methodologies, demonstrate safe and proper handling of laboratory equipment and chemicals, learn to be careful in the lab, learn to relate what we see in lab to what it means, learn to interpret laboratory results and experimental data, and to learn to record data and explain what it means. Answers to Key Questions: 1a. What one piece of safety equipment must be worn at all times in the laboratory? - Safety Goggles 1b. Give three reasons for this requirement. - If dangerous fumes are present - To protect your eyes from chemicals - In case a fellow student engages in horseplay 2. What article(s) of clothing is(are) prohibited in the laboratory? Give a reason for each article of clothing you identify. - Flowing sleeves:may get caught in chemicals or flames - Long Hair not up:may get caught in chemicals or flames - Must wear pants:prevent splashing - must wear closed shoes:protect feet from potential splashes or spills 3. If you plan on working anywhere that OSHA regulates safety (that's every business in the US), do you think that its rules will vary? What is your team's evidence? - No, they are the standard for laboratory/chemical safety. Lamar is required to follow OSHA regulations. 4. What should your team do if a fire breaks out in the lab? Should your team try to fight the fire yourselves? Why should all of your team members ascertain the location of the fire extinguisher, just in case? - We should remain calm, shut down experiments, notify instructor, and exit the lab in an orderly fashion. Absolutely not. So that if we need to use it, we know exactly where it is. 5. The person next to you thought it would be funny to splash around some sodium hydroxide 1solution and it got into your eyes, what should you do? What type of behavior would that person have been exhibiting? - I would notify the instructors and immediately go to the eyewash station to rinse my eyes. - Horseplay 6. What would happen if someone eating in lab accidentally had their food contaminated with a poison that were not aware was present in the lab? - They would be harmed, and treating unknown chemical poisoning is difficult. 7. A fire is burning next to your team's bench but you are on the other side of the lab, should you get your backpack before you leave? Why or why not? - No, because you need to exit the lab as quickly and orderly as possible, and grabbing your stuff may take time away that you need in order to escape. 8. You've had a great idea for improving the lab you are doing, why should you not test it before you discuss it with your instructor? - If the “improvement” causes a harmful chemical reaction, and your instructor does not know what you have done, they can not fix your mistake. You could harm yourself and others. 9. One of your team members accidentally broke a beaker, if your team lets the TA's or instructor know, why is not your team going to be in trouble? Why might your team get in trouble for not reporting an accident? - Accidents happen, and they would much rather you tell them so that they can help you dispose of it properly and safely. If you don’t report it and someone gets hurt, you will get in trouble. 10. What does your team think the instructor will do regarding horseplay in the lab? To whom should a student appeal the instructor's decision? Do you think they will support the instructor or a student who placed other students at risk? - The student engaging in it will be removed from the lab and receive disciplinary action. - The student would appeal to the head of the department, and they would most likely support the instructor. 11. TRUE STORY: A student was careful to wear rubber gloves in lab to protect his hands from the chemicals in lab. When he went to the restroom, he didn't take the gloves off so that he didn't have to try to get them back on afterwards. What possible consequences did this student fail to 2consider? - He did not consider what could have been on the gloves as he went to the restroom, and he also failed to consider that his gloves could be contaminated. 12. What is the explanation of the second label above? - This second diagram explains the danger level of each type of hazard. 13. What are two sources of chemical hazard information? Where can you find this information? - Material Safety Data Sheets located in a filing cabinet in the chemistry building - Safety Labels on each chemical container 14. Where are the fire extinguishers, eyewashes and safety showers located in CH 201 and CH 203? - Well this is an online course, but they are located either in each room or in each hallway of the chemistry building. Conclusion: This lab has taught me important safety regulations to follow in the lab. My main takeaway is to always follow the rules of safety, and to always be careful in lab. I will practice these procedures and follow each rule this semester and each semester to come, as well as when I am working in a lab outside of school.

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