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UAFS AHIS 4223 - AHIS_4223_Art_Since_1945

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I. Course InformationA. Catalog DescriptionII. Student Learning OutcomesIII. Major Course Topics1 Updated February 2018 University of Arkansas - Fort Smith 5210 Grand Avenue P. O. Box 3649 Fort Smith, AR 72913-3649 479-788-7000 General Syllabus AHIS 4223 Art Since 1945 Credit Hours: 3 Lecture Hours: 3 Laboratory Hours: 0 Prerequisite(s): AHIS 2873 Art History Survey II Effective Catalog: 2019-2020 I. Course Information A. Catalog Description Critically investigates approaches to visual art following World War II. Art in the United States and Europe will constitute the primary focus in this seminar-style class. Students who have taken AHIS 4213 will be especially well prepared for the class. B. Additional Information This course will both fulfill one of the required upper-level courses in art history for Studio Art and Graphic Design majors, as well as elective upper-level courses. It can also contribute to the upper-level elective courses needed to fulfill the Art History and Studio Art Minor. Students do not need to be Art/Graphic Design majors or Art History minors to take the course, but they do need to have taken AHIS 2873 Art History Survey II. II. Student Learning Outcomes A. Subject Matter Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to: 1. Interpret artists, major works of art, and artistic styles of art after 1945. 2. Evaluate and analyze major works of art and art movements from the period in terms of “Who, What, Where, How, & Why” in order to fully understand their importance. 3. Explain artist intent(s) and how it manifested itself in the creation of art. 4. Evaluate how art since 1945 has been discussed and how art criticism and art historical scholarship has shaped the reception of these works of art. 5. Analyze and interpret works of art in terms of their importance artistically as well as culturally. 6. Employ terminology and vocabulary specific to art after 1945. B. University Learning Outcomes This course enhances student abilities in the following areas:2 Updated February 2018 Analytical Skills Critical Thinking Skills Students will identify and evaluate works of art, and use this information in tandem with historical, religious, economic, sociological, anthropological, political, and geographical factors in order to interpret and analyze the artwork’s meaning and value to its makers/patrons/audiences. Communication Skills (written and oral) Students will effectively convey their analysis and interpretation of works of art through a variety of written forms. Students will acquire and use appropriate art historical vocabulary and will be able to successfully articulate their ideas and pertinent information through class discussion and oral presentations. Ethical Decision Making Students will model ethical-decision making processes. Students will explore ethical issues in art history, including art acquisition, sale, theft, restoration/conservation and installation, as well as art repatriation. Global and Cultural Perspectives Reflecting upon cultural differences and their implications for interacting with people from cultures, students will analyze how works of art both reflect and influence the cultures that created them, including cultures outside the Western canon. Both Western and Non-Western artists will be considered in the course. III. Major Course Topics A. Abstract Expressionism B. Pop C. Minimalism D. Feminism E. the development of ethnically-focused art F. Conceptual Art G. Earthworks H. The role of museums and galleries in promoting contemporary art I. Installation Art J. Video Art K. Post-modernism L. Issues of Identity M. Globalization in art N. Art

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