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 Ancient Egyptian Art Spring 2021ARTH-UA 110: Mondays & Wednesdays, 2:00 – 3:15 p.m., OnlineInstructor: Ann Macy Roth, Clinical Associate Professor of Egyptology, NYU Office: Silver 303-A8; Phone (212) 998-8991; E-mail: [email protected] Office Hours: on Zoom by appointmentCourse Assistant: Linda Tauscher, Institute of Fine Arts, NYUContact: [email protected] – office hours by appointment Course GoalsTo introduce the art of ancient Egypt and its chronological development, including the most important works of sculpture, painting, relief carving, and architectureTo introduce and illustrate the conventions of artistic expression in ancient EgyptTo help students understand, as far as the evidence allows, the purpose and meaning of ancient Egyptian art, in particular and in generalTo familiarize students with the issues, scholars, and scholarly discourse concerned with the history of Egyptian art. Course Requirements and GradingMidterm Exam: 15% – March 15thFinal Exam: 35% – Not yet scheduledTwo essays: Essay 1: 15% (2000-2500 words; due March 8th) Essay 2: 30% (3500-4000 words; due May 5th) Attendance: 5%. After the third unexcused absence, 4% per total absences will be deducted. Course Books:Required: Robins: Gay Robins, The Art of Ancient Egypt, 1997Malek: Jaromir Malek, Egyptian Art, 1999PDF: Articles will be posted as pdfs on the Resources tab of NYU Classes  Course PoliciesLate papers will not be accepted without a valid (and significant), well-documented excuse. Essays are due on the due date, and must be submitted through NYU Classes. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Uncredited sources will result in a grade of zero for the entire assignment. If you still aren’t sure what plagiarism is, ask. (Changing the words around does not make it not plagiarism.) If you need accommodation for a disability, please register as soon as possible with the Moses Center. And let Prof. Roth know before the exam so extra time can be arranged. If you cannot attend a lecture when it is given (and thus are not recorded among the attendees), whether one or two times or on a regular basis, you are asked to e-mail Prof. Roth five or six questions, comments, reactions, or observations, to confirm you’ve heard it. study resource wasshared via Schedule of Lectures and ReadingsThe schedule of lectures is given below with the readings that are to be done for them. PDF readings will be posted on the NYU Classes site. Week 1Monday, February 1: Introduction to the Course; The Egyptian LandscapeWednesday, February 3: Writing, Cosmology, and ArtReadings: Robins 12-18; Malek, 9-32; PDF: 1 Baines, Fischer Reversals, Roth NestingWeek 2Monday, February 8: Egyptian Aspective/Composite RepresentationReadings: Robins: 19-24; PDF: Brunner-Traut: AspectiveWednesday, February 10: Egyptian Artistic Techniques in Two and Three Dimensions Readings: Robins: 24-29; PDF: Shäfer: Painting & Relief; 19 PeckWeek 3Monday, February 15: No Class – Presidents’ DayWednesday, February 17: Predynastic Egyptian Art: Knives and Palettes Readings: Malek: 34-82; Robins: 30-39; PDF: Patch Intro, Patch PalettesThursday, February 18: Art of the First Three Dynasties: Royal Tombs, Royal Pyramids Readings: Malek: 85-121; PDFs: Lehner Archaic, Lehner Step Pyramid; LauerWeek 4Monday, February 22: Meydum, Dahshur, and Giza: Pyramids & Pyramid Cemeteries Readings: Robins: 40-57; PDFs: Lehner Pyramids, Roth, Social Change; Picardo, Reserve HeadsWednesday, February 24: Royal Monuments of the Fifth and Sixth DynastiesReadings: Robins: 58-67; PDFs: 5 Mueller, 9 Roth, & 25 StrudwickWeek 5Monday, March 1: Old Kingdom Mastaba Chapels at Giza & SaqqaraReadings: Malek: 121-152; PDF: 12 WoodsWednesday, March 3: Old Kingdom Relief & StatuaryReadings: Robins: 67-79; PDF: RussmannWeek 6Monday, March 8: Upper Egyptian Provincial Art – Essay #1 DueReadings: Robins: 80-89; Malek, 155-162Wednesday, March 10: Mentuhotep II at Deir el-Bahari – Review for MidtermReadings: Malek: 162-172; Robins: 90-96Week 7 Monday, March 15: Midterm ExamWednesday, March 17: Royal Portraits of the Middle KingdomReadings: PDF: Aldred, 20 Bryan(March 19: First NYU Spring Break Day) study resource wasshared via CourseHero.comWeek 8Monday, March 22: Middle Kingdom Architecture: Pyramids and TemplesReadings: Malek: 171-205; Robins: 110-121Wednesday, March 24: Upper Egyptian Tomb Chapels and Burial GoodsReadings: Robins: 96-109; Quirke MKWeek 9 Monday, March 29: The Rise of Thebes: Karnak and Luxor TemplesReadings: Robins: 122-147; Malek: 211-236; PDF: 17 Teeter ReligionWednesday, March 31: Hatshepsut’s Temple at Deir el-BahriReadings: Malek: 236-258; PDFs: Roth Hatshepsut, 7 Robins GenderWeek 10Monday, April 5: Theban Tomb PaintingsReadings: Malek: 261-304; PDF: Wilkinson Hill Egyptian Wall Paintings; 13 Tiradritti Painting, 3 Hartwig StyleWednesday, April 7: Amenhotep III and the Accession of AkhenatonReadings: Companion: Chapter 15; PDF: JohnsonWeek 11Monday, April 12: Amarna Art Readings: Robins: 149-165; PDF: FreedWednesday, April 14: The Tomb of TutankhamunReadings: Robins: 166-193; Malek: 307-340Week 12Monday, April 19: No Class – NYU’s Second Spring Break DayWednesday, April 21: Deir el-Medina, the Valley of the Kings, and the Valley of the Queens Readings: Companion: Chapter 14; PDF: BierbrierWeek 13Monday, April 26: Monuments of Ramesses the Great & Questions of Cultural Property  Special Guest Lecture: Linda Tauscher  Readings: Robins: 195-209; Malek: 340-350; PDF: 18 Braun NarrativeWednesday, April 28: Medinet Habu, the Libyan Period, and the Egyptian RenaissanceReadings: Robins: 210-229; Malek: 353-378Week 14Monday, May 3: The Sculpture of Late Period Egypt Readings: PDF: Bothmer; 21 Mendoza Greece & RomeWednesday, May 5: Ptolemaic & Roman Temples – Essay #2 due Readings: Robins: 230-255; Malek: 380-402; PDF: ArnoldWeek 15Monday, May 10: Catch-up, Synthesis & Review Final Exam: Will be given in real time; no date has yet been announced. study resource wasshared via EssaysTwo essays are required, worth 15% and 20% of your grade. 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