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SMC ENGL 2 - Discuss Alton Locke

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1Discuss Alton Locke Student’s NameInstitutional Affiliation2Discuss Alton LockeWhat is the role of religion, pages 14-15, 20? What is the novel saying about religion’s placein a modern, capitalist economy?In the novel, religion in a modern capitalist world is not held in esteem as it is among the poor. Locke’s cousin is sent to the Church as a way of “converting a tradesman’s son into a gentleman." This implies that religion would shape him into a responsible person. In a capitalist economy, it is evident that religion is mostly disregarded. Locke's mother begs him to be "wise as serpents, and harmless as doves." This is because he would be with people who probably would have led to his moral decadency. However, the rich hold religious doctrines less and allowtheir children to make mistakes and "learn life." This differs from the many instructions given to Locke by her mother about how to live without making any mistakes.Responses1. What analysis of socioeconomic relations does Locke offer on page 15? What criticism does he offer and why? Or what analogy is he using, and why is it or is it not appropriate?Locke compares the two social-economic classes- the haves and have-nots. He is right to compare people's situations to life to a cage. This can be compared to the situation between his father and the brother. The brother was able to escape and ended up in abundance, but Locke's father ended up in poverty. The situation of the parents is transpired to that of their children. Locke does not get a chance to attend college, but the cousin was sent to King's College. He however, makes it clear that those who work the hardest end up being appreciated the least. 2. What role does Alton’s mother play? How are she and her role tied to religion? (p. 14, 20, 22)Locke's mother is religious and caring of her son. She teaches her son how to be religiousand about things that he would encounter in his life even though he did not understand them at the time. These issues became clear to him with the low morality in his workplace, which3subsequently influences him. His mother's teachings about religion are so deep and meaningful to him that even after he is negatively influenced, he keeps praying. When he wishes for restoration, he remembers the sermon taught to him by his

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