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UConn ENGL 1010 - sweetness summary

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Sami Goutr Sweetness by Toni MorrisonThe story is about Lula Moe, a young black girl from two whiteparents. Her skin color was the raison her parents got divorced. Louis,Lula’s father, was a porter. When her wife gave birth to Lula, he wasscared of touching her because of Lula’s color. He was deadly sure thathis wife cheated on him and decided to leave the house.When the baby was born, Lula Ann, Lula’s mother treated herdaughter badly to the point, she had tried to kill her several times.Because she knew society would mistreat her daughter because of herskin color. She has seen many black men and women suffer fromracism.Lula Ann was an abandoned wife, she and her baby had beenliving alone for a long time. So she decided to find a night job at the hospital to get them off welfare. A few months later, Louis felt a littlebit bad after leaving them like that, after he found out where she’d moved to and he started sending them money once a month. When Lula Mae was three years old, her mother told her to callher “sweetness” instead of “Mother” or “Mama.” It was safer. Herbeing that black and having what she thought are too thick lips and calling me “Mama” would’ve confused people. After several years, Lula’s mother got old and her daughter took care of her. Lula’s mom decided to tell and apologize to Lula about what she had done to her when she was little. But she had to understand: Ann had to protect her, because Lula didn’t know the world, with that skin. Not in a world where you could be sent to a jail for talking back or fighting in school. She didn’t know any of that or how her black skin would scare white people or make them laugh and try to trick her. All because of skin

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