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UW-Milwaukee ENGLISH 212 - Ch. 2 Exercises

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2-1. Identify the category of the italicized words in the following sentences. Use the abbreviations N for noun, V for verb, Adj for adjective, Adv for adverb, Prep for preposition, Pro for pronoun.Pro Va. People who rarely read in bedrooms can feel abnormal.Pro Nb. Nobody really knows what normal reading is.N Adjc. The market for audiobooks is very large.2-4. a.The three sentences below contain capitalized DEMONSTRATIVE PRONOUNS and italicized demonstrative determiners. Characterize the differencein how they are used. (Hint: What are the lexical categories of the words they precede?)1) THIS is the last time I’m doing THAT. Lexical category: adjective2) This time I’m not going to make one of those fancy pizzas. lexical category: noun3) I’ve had enough of THESE; give me one of those red ones. lexical category: adjective b. List each pronoun in the passage below and identify its kind (personal, demon-strative, interrogative, relative). For personal pronouns, also indicate the person (first, second, third).What about those (demonstrative) books? Whose are they (demonstrative)? They (demonstrative) look like they (demonstrative) come from the library, so they (demonstrative) should be returned. If you (second person) want, you (second person) can put them into a shopping bag and I’ll return them for you (second person) if I (first person) can get Ashley to take me in her (third person) car. It’s beenin the shop for a few days. I (first person) hope it’s ready now.2-5. Consider two popular compounds. Convenience food ‘food that is convenient to buy, cook, or eat’ is a compound made up of a noun and a noun. Natural food ‘food made with natural ingredients, free of chemical preservatives and pesticides’ is an adjective noun compound. Taken as a whole, each compound functions as a noun. List six compound nouns that contain a noun-noun combination and six that are unmistakably a combination of adjective noun. (Be mindful that not all adjectives preceding nouns are compounds, and that it is helpful to pay attention to the stress pattern. In the following sentences, the compounds are italicized; say them aloud to see the pattern. Not every white house is the White House! Not every black bird is a blackbird.)Noun-noun combination Noun-adjective combination Boardgame Little brother Boot camp Married coupleCheesecake Older sister Case study Middle childBrand name Orange juice Call center Strawberry jam 2-8. Draw trees similar to the one in Figure 2–1 on page 45 for these English words:revaccinations recapitalization unlikelihood reassuringlydisenchantment unreasonableness unshockability

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