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David ManeiroVikash SinghSociology 10212/14/17Reaction Passage The article that I will be talking about today is the story about 12-year-old Chikayzea. Chikayzea is a 12-year-old boy from England who was told by his school that if he did not cut off his dreadlocks he would not be allowed to attended his school anymore. The school stated that Chikayzea’s dreads were a violation of the school’s strict uniform and appearance policy. When Chikayzea returned to school still sporting his dreadlocks Chikayzea was put in isolation, which caused his mother to take him out of the school. To me this is completely ridiculous that this school will spend more time and effort tryingto discriminate against this boy, then using this opportunity to discuss about different cultures and races within this school’s community. Another this that is very confusing and just plain sad in my eyes if after doing a bit more research and finding The Fulham Boys School uniform and appearance policy is states, “Engenders a sense of community and belonging towards the school”. So, explain to me how The Fulham Boys School is creating, “a sense of community and belonging”, when they are kicking students outs for being one with they’re culture. Another thing that bothers me in this article and proves to me that this issue is not sole about breaking the schools uniform and appearance policy, but an issue with an underlying racial problem iswhat the head teacher, Alun Ebenezer, says. He states, “Boys are told to cut their hair or grow their hair. All boys need to follow and adhere to the school policy”, according to this statement Chikayzea falls right in line with the uniform and appearance policy. Chikayzea doesn’t have strange colored highlights as that goes against the Rastafarian culture and he doesn’t have any large props in his hair that would make it distracting. Chikayzea simply has dreads when if you think about it, it’s the same as a person with long wavy hair straightening their hair. In conclusion, I feel that what The Fulham Boys School tried to do was completely wrongand utterly disrespectful not only to the student and his family but to the culture that he comes from. It is sad to see that in today’s day and age some people and organizations are still doing things like this, instead of taking this opportunity to teach students about other cultures not only in the world, but cultures that are right there in their own

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