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WSU HISTORY 105 - Discussion Questions 1

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Meyer 1Ayden MeyerFaunceHIST 105-1128 August 20201. Why did the use of tobacco spread in the 1500s? Tobacco was a new crop that was used for stress relief, so naturally it became popular in the 16th century when it was introduced. As countries began to grow tobacco, they also went and traded it to other governances. Tobacco not only boosted the economy of the growing party’s country, but they sold it for a fairly high price as well to other countries. As time went on other countries would learn the methods of growing tobacco as well, eventually leading to the process that first started in Spain of growing and trading it to neighboring societies.2. What is the relationship between tobacco and slavery?The best way to describe the relationship of tobacco and slavery is that they were complementary to one another. As the popularity of tobacco grew, so did the need for servitude, paving the way for slavery. As tobacco increased in its popularity, slavery was used practically conjointly as it grew. Once multiple governances began using tobacco and growing tobacco, those same countries abandoned indentured servitude for slavery, as they were thought of as inhuman and they needed less accommodations to people’s belief back in the 16th century.3. How did the spread of rum differ from coffee and tobacco?The spread of rum was unlike that of the spread of coffee and tobacco, as the spread of rum was accidental. Rum was a common drink that people started to consume, that they used as a similarMeyer 2product as sugar. However, since rum was lighter and easier to transport, many merchants carriedrum with them due to its convenience. Many men would bring it along with them and would begin to offer it to potential customers. As more people got their hands on rum, they would too begin to consume and trade it, increasing its popularity exponentially as time went on. Rum was a commodity people didn’t intentionally create great popularity

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