COLUMBIASTATE PSYCH 1010 - Personality and Prejudice

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Part OnePart TwoDiscussion 3: Personality and PrejudicePart OneIn chapter 10, the four basic personality perspectives created by highly respected psychology pioneers were discussed in depth (Hockenbury & Nolan, 2019). These personality theories aim to explain the person as a whole (Hockenbury & Nolan, 2019). Through my reading of this chapter and the questions asked in the first part of this discussion topic, I feel that I have a solid idea of my personality theory. My theory, however, may be vastly different from many others. Through my studies, I have concluded that you cannot attribute personality strictly through one thing or another. I do not believe that it must be exclusively one way or the other; good or evil, nature or nurture, free will or determinism. Personality is not one size fits all. I believe that our personalities are an equal blend of all factors, both internal and external. Combining the four fundamental personality theories can best describe human personality, ratherthan merely one theory. We are a breed of free beings who can make our own decisions and carve out our paths; however, individual biological factors and external stimuli will inevitably influence personality as well. I believe we have natural, genetic predispositions for specific traits, but that our externalenvironment shapes our personalities in an equally important way. Our inclinations do not make us immune to our surroundings. We begin as infants as inherently good, but the environment we are exposed to and how we are raised may strengthen or deplete that internal goodness. An individual starts to develop their personality through their childhood from their parents and experiences, but it is not my opinion that development halts with aging out of childhood. Personality is an ever-evolving mechanism that holds flexibility and moldability, allowing it to continue growing with the individual throughout a lifetime. A study comprised of over fourteen thousand German individuals showed that personality does indeed change throughout a life span,with the most noticeable changes in young and old ages (Specht et al., 2011). Based on this study, it is believed that the changes are partially attributed to experiences (Specht et al., 2011). Personalities are unique among all individuals, though similarities will always be present. Human beings are pleasure-seeking but also have a desire for growth and reaching their full potentials. We naturally want to do things that feel good, which I believe goes hand in hand withreaching our full potential. It is my opinion that there are parts from each perspective that make the most sense in describing an individual’s personality. Personality is not black or white; instead, it is all the shades of grey in between.Part TwoPrejudice is described as negative attitudes towards people of specific social groups (Hockenbury & Nolan, 2019). A modern-day issue that we are all aware of is our country's divide because of political preferences. It seems that the republican political party holds prejudiced views regarding the democratic political party and vice versa. This has always been an issue but has become more prevalent in the last decade. This is not only because of the different views of specific policies but also problems within each party's particular identities (Liu, 2020). We have developed stereotypes that we judge each group on, such as republicans being racist and democrats being socialists (Liu, 2020). The reality is, we should not be condemning an entire group of people based on the political party they identify most closely with. We should be judging individuals by how they treat other people, just like we are all taughtearly on in our lives. Unfortunately, I do not foresee this to be something that our society will get better about anytime soon with the direction things are moving. If we start by tackling the social media world and the amount of false information that is continually blasted everywhere, we could have open, unbiased conversations with factual information. Additionally, our societyneeds to center its focus on the fact that we are all human beings deserving of kindness and respect, providing that you are not aiming to harm other individuals with your views. We have a lot of work to do within our society to eliminate these prejudiced opinions, but the hard work would be well worth it for our future generations. ReferencesVaughn, L. (2019). Philosophy Here and Now (Third Edition). Oxford University Press., J., Egloff, B., & Schmukle, S. C. (2011). Stability and change of personality across the life course: The impact of age and major life events on mean-level and rank-order stability of the BigFive. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 101(4), 862–883., N. (2020). Political Polarization in the United States: The Infuences of Exceptionalism and Religion. International Social Science Review, 96(2),

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COLUMBIASTATE PSYCH 1010 - Personality and Prejudice

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