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COLUMBIASTATE ENGL 1010 - Short Narrative

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Halloween of 2016 is engraved in my brain forever. We had just tucked our sugar-filled son snug into his bed when I received a phone call that stopped me right in my tracks. “She’s gone, love,” my mother tearfully whimpered. Just like that, it felt as though my whole world had caved in right on top of me. At the glorious age of ninety-three, my great-grandmother, Ruby, passed away in a manner that we all consider peaceful. In her bed surrounded by her children, she slipped eloquently out of this world. At that very moment, the immense pressure of heavy grief set in. This event was my first experience with death and grieving, which I feel was incredibly lucky, considering that I was twenty years old. However, this fact meant I was an adult with no previous experience to help my grieving process.In two short days, I made the drive to West Virginia, where my family originated. Driving down Konchar Lane made my stomach flip from the anxiety of it all. The distinct sounds of collective sobbing reverberated off each wall of her home. This sacred place seemed to weigh all my best memories and was now tainted with immeasurable sadness. The moment my grandmother rounded the corner, I practically fell into her embrace and hysterics simultaneously. We hugged, and cried, and hugged, and cried again. With each new family member arriving at the home, we repeated that cycle.After three days of preparing for the funeral, the day had finally come. We solemnly composed ourselvesto the best of our abilities. During the funeral, I felt immense sadness. With that sadness, was a great deal of love. My family stuck together like glue through the entire process. When one person would begin to crumble, we would race to them to help them back up. We embodied strength. As gut-wrenching as it is, it was the strongest, most powerful feeling of togetherness and pure love that I have felt to date. While I wish every single day that I could have just one more hug from my great-grandmother, I am so thankful for the way we all came together during that harrowing experience. Her death, and how my family coped as a unit, taught me just how unique my family is. It taught me to cherish my family in a more profound sense than I had before that experience. This incident taught me that above all else, your family is the most

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