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GVSU HST 101 - How does the Seven Years War affect France?

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Bryce TaylorHST 10111/13/18How does the Seven Years War affect France? How did population growth compound the problem? The French fought Britain over territory in North America during the Seven Years War. This conflict bankrupt France of both money and respect from other kingdoms. The population growth made it even harder because as France lost more and more money, the French people were left fighting over what was left.What role do French Thinkers play in the Enlightenment?The enlightenment was as a movement which encouraged people to think for themselves, and notto trust what authorities say, or anyone else for that matter. French Thinkers introduce new ideas that everyone should have the control over their own destiny, and that all people should be equal (there should be no more hierarchy).What happens to the cost of bread in 1788? Why does it matter?In 1788, after multiple bad harvests in a row, there was a shortage of flour, therefore causing the price of bread to rise. Bread was a key part of the people of France’s diet, the ordinary person would eat at least two pounds of bread per day. In 1788, when there was a shortage of bread, prices skyrocketed to the point where one loaf of bread costed a months worth of earnings. Riotsbreak out because everybody is hungry and fighting for food. Many people were upset because the royals continued to live an extravagant lifestyle.What were the Estates General? What were the Three Estates?The Estates General was an assembly of deputies that represented a variety of different people, with different social rankings. When France fell into financial problems in 1788, the assembly was called for the first time in 175 years. The three estates were: the clergy, the nobility, and theneverybody else, with the first two estates only representing 3% of the population. What was the Tennis Court Oath?The third estate, made up by the deputies representing everybody else (approximately 97% of France’s population, swear that they will not stop meeting until there is a new constitution. They declare themselves a new national assembly, claiming they are the true representatives of the na-tion of France. Who were the sans-culottes?They considered themselves the true people of France, they symbolized not being an aristocrat, but rather, just normal people. They take over city governments. What was the September Massacre?As a majority of the able bodied men leave for the battlefront, Paris is rendered defenseless. A s the enemy pushed further into France, an overwhelming fear came over Paris. The sans-culottes started executing prisoners, out of fear that the prisoners would otherwise be impossible to con-tain. More than 1,600 prisoners are killed. What was the Reign of Terror?The Reign of Terror was a time period where anyone who was suspected of anti-revolutionary ideas or plans was brought to the guillotine. The idea was to either scare those opposed to those republic into supporting the republic or have them killed.How does the calendar change? Why? What was the purpose?It was believed that religion threatened the revolution. The calendar was changed in the way that years were no longer number from the birth of Christ, but rather from September 1792, which was the overthrow of the monarchy. Months were re-named, and there were now 10 day weeks, so there would be no more Sundays and nobody would know which day Sunday was. This was done in effort to destroy the power of the catholic church, so that it was no longer in the way of the

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