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CH 201 WebAssign - Homework is assigned and assessed via the WebAssign (WA) utility. The student link is: . Note that the texts are hosted via Webassign. - For assistance, see There may be a price break for 3 or more courses with WebAssign, so one might wait to see how many other courses require WA before purchasing. There is a grace period during which you can do your homework. The following, in ITALICS, comes from Cengage support directly: We will be available for your students every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday effective 1/19/2021 until 1/28/2021 from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM This will be a Zoom meeting and students will be put into a waiting room and helped in the order they arrive. PLEASE SHARE THE FOLLOWING ZOOM LINK INFORMATION WITH YOUR STUDENTS: Zoom Link: Outside of those times, students can follow these links for Support (below) or call 800.354.9706 Please put these in your Moodle course and on your syllabus: Resources to support students getting started with Cengage digital platforms: Cengage Students Start Strong - Resources for students using MindTap, WebAssign, SAM, CNOW or OWL Cengage Platform Availability & Status - Visit this site any time to view current information on system status and performance information for Cengage products, updated every 5 minutes. Click on a system for more details. Cengage Customer Support Call US at 1-800-354-9706 Access Code and Registration Support: 24/7 Support via phone, case and chat Assignment, Feature, System Compatibility, Grade, or Content Support: 24/7 Support via phone or case- The due date is found in the assignment itself, so please check the schedule on WA regularly. WebAssign itself remains the primary source for due dates so you are responsible for regular monitoring. I shall notify the class by email of any schedule changes to WA. Most, if not all assignments are due at 2359 on the given date. - Given pandemic related vagaries, all WA homework for Spring 2021 has a hard deadline of 30 APR (last day of class) between 2330 and midnight (staggered so that the assignments list in order). A pacing schedule for homework is provided in a separate document in the course Moodle. There are, therefore, no extensions. - - Always read carefully through the assignment instructions before you start. Typically, unless noted otherwise, one has five submissions in total: NOTE ALL ASSIGNMENTS DEDUCT 15% CUMULATIVELY FOR EACH SUBMISSION AFTER the third. - The score you receive is that recorded for your last submission. - No paper-copy submissions are accepted. I do not use the WebAssign “help desk,” “request a submission,” or internal communication feature. - Please report WebAssign glitches, but be wary of significant figures. *UNLESS THE PROBLEM SPECIFIES OTHERWISE, MAINTAIN THREE SIGNIFICANT DIGITS IN YOUR SUBMITTED ANSWERS.* Typically, a few points are added to all students’ WA scores at the end of term to reflect glitches and other WA anomalies. Note that there may be “dead links” in various assignments given that the host server for the online material has been changed over the years. Simply ignore these links and use the text and its corresponding data tables (the text Appendices).* - Please note that my ability to respond to an email concerning WA is directly proportional to the degree of specificity provided by you. I cannot reply via email to vague questions such as: “can you help me with question 6?” Please include a photo of your work or, at least, a typed out version. Please include your Section #. This helps me help you. - Do not allow yourself to believe that WebAssign can fully prepare you for the examinations. WebAssign is only one part of your overall study. You are encouraged to work problems from the book as additional preparation. See the FAQ link on the main course page. - Note that no assignments are dropped! They all count. Since there are somewhat over twenty assignments collectively worth 10% of the grade, doing poorly or missing one is not, in and of itself, going to prevent you from passing. The WA recommended schedule will assist you in remaining concurrent with material and organizing study for

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