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Control Systems & Supply Chain ManagementSCM 432 @ Tempe Fall Semester (2019)Control Systems & Supply Chain ManagementSCM 432 @ Tempe Fall Semester (2019)Instructor: Antonios Printezis Email: [email protected] Please always include “SCM 432” as part of your email subjectClass Hours: Monday - Wednesday Office Hours: 1:30 to 3:00 PM in BA 418Class Location: 10:45-12:00 @ BA 265 & 12:15-1:30 @ BA 358 Course Description: Planning and control systems are at the core of all supply chain management processes and areessential to the determination and direction of the flow of resources needed to produce goods andservices. Microsoft Excel will be used in this course for supporting analysis.Planning and control systems include processes and methods to:- Determine priority and sequencing of activities- Forecast, manage inventory, plan needed capacity- Perform master scheduling and material requirements planning- Understand and quantify quality, determine resources needed for productionThe Undergraduate Program of the W.P. Carey School of Business has established the following learning goals for its graduates: 1) Critical Thinking, 2) Communication, 3) Discipline Specific Knowledge, 4) Ethical Awareness and Reasoning & 5) Global Awareness. Items in bold have significant coverage in this course.Text:- Operations and Supply Chain Management 14e by F. R. Jacobs & R. B. Chaseo Newer/older editions are fine! It is the same material, but the page and chapter numbers differ. - Class notes: Lecture notes, problem sets, study guides, assignments, etc, will all be available on Canvas.1/10Course Policy and Requirements: 1. The course grade will be determined as follows:In-class exams: 70% Homework assignments: 15% Team Project 15% Total: 100% A+ = 98% to 100% A = 92% to 97% A- = 90% to 91% We will be using theseB+ = 88% to 89% B = 82% to 87% B- = 80% to 81% thresholds for gradingC+ = 78% to 79% C = 72% to 77% D = 65% to 71% E = 64% or less2. There will be 3 exams for this class and a final project (report & presentation). Exams are not cumulative, that is, each covers only the material since the previous examination.There is no extra credit other than what is listed above so make sure you do your best each time.3. You may bring one 8.5x11 sheet of paper with notes to each examination. You are responsible for including all the formulas you may need for each test.No solved problems and/or numerical examples allowed on the cheat-sheet.Points will be deducted from the exam if your cheat-sheet contains any of the above.No sharing of any kind of material or calculators is permitted. No other books or papers are necessary or permitted.4. Make sure to bring your own (working) calculator and a pencil to every examination; sharing calculators is not permitted. Note: Cellphones cannot be used as calculators. 5. There is no make-up for HW assignments. Do not miss an assignment deadline. For consistency and fairness there will be no points for work submitted late. 6. Make-up exams will only be given for documented medical emergencies. Documents must be submitted with 3 days of the missed exam.7. Homework problems will be assigned regularly and submitted directly on Canvas (not bypaper or email). The purpose is to enhance and test your mastery of facts and tools presented inthe texts and in class. Problems assigned are excellent practice for the exams. 8. Late homework assignments will not be accepted for any reason; you will receive a zerograde for that assignment. Homework is due at the beginning of class. Solutions will beposted on Canvas. You get credit for completing and turning in your homework before thedeadline. If, for whatever reason, you fail or forget to turn in your HW assignment beforethe due date, you will receive a grade of zero – no exceptions. All grades are final a weekafter they are posted (any concerns or questions must be sent by email before that). If you askfor late assignments to be acknowledged, I will cut and paste this portion of the syllabus in myresponse to you. 2/109. Attendance and participation during the review sessions is recommended as they designed tohelp you do well in the exam that will follow. Remember to bring you calculator and textbookto every in-class session. Please consider class attendance and class participation an investmenttoward the academic or occupational goals you have set for yourself. 10. Incomplete grades must be approved by the instructor and the department chair and will onlybe considered for students who have a passing average at the time that the incomplete isrequested and for external reasons (such as illness) cannot complete the course – no exceptions.11. Re-grading policy: If you would like an exam or homework question to be re-graded, you must submit your request in writing within two weeks of your receipt of the graded paper.Please note that by asking for a re-grade, you are opening your entire paper to scrutiny, and it is possible that you will end up with fewer rather than more points.12. I will be using myASU on a regular basis, to post announcements, assignments, lecture notes,and other important information. Since homework assignments will be posted there, make surethat you check for updates regularly!13. Please turn off or silence your cell phone while class is in session and, unless it is an emergency, do not leave the classroom before the session is over. 14. The use of laptop computers during class-time is allowed only for course related work.15. Make sure you receive emails via your @asu.edu account. If you prefer to use a personalaccount, make sure to forward your ASU emails as necessary. You are responsible forupdates/changes/announcements/etc. posted both on Canvas and/or sent via ASU email.16. Email Correspondence: You must keep in mind that your correspondence with us is in thecontext of a business/professional environment. You must be courteous and respectful in thetone and content of your emails, as we will be in our emails to you. You must email us usingproper forms of address and compose your messages in complete sentences.We will not respond to emails that are rude, arrogant, demanding or excessively informal.Please always include “SCM 432” as part of your email subject.17. Grades: Complete-Incomplete checks, Project and Exam grades are all posted on Canvas under“My Grades”. Once

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