ISU FSHN 167 - Diversity & Inclusion Assignment

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Diversity & Inclusion AssignmentGrowing up in Northeast Iowa on a farm, I was not as culturally exposed compared to others my age that may have grown up in larger cities or communities. Graduating with a class of only 32 students my senior year can explain the minimal amount of cultural exposure I had during my years growing up. Although, when moving to Ames, a lot changedfor me environmentally and culturally. It changed me for the better, no question, but there were mental challenges or awareness that in a way formed me a stronger mindset. A time when I told myself to look at it from the other side was when working in a nursing home as a CNA. As another caregiver and I were putting a resident to bed, they refused to receive care from the other caregiver due to her color of skin. Personally, I was inshock, and disgruntled at what his actions were due to never experiencing racial discrimination first hand. Due to being the witness, I had to recall what all happened and make the correct decisions while in the situation. What I took away from this was how much our cultural views truly are inherited. I feel with today's younger society, it is now our job to stand up and say something. As I have matured in several ways throughout my college years, I have become more aware of myself and learned that adventure is what I am all about. I love the thrill of travel, being outside, and being somewhere new! I feel in our day and age it is easy for society to not be content. We always want something new or different, but with the technology and opportunities that come along with the growth of our economy, we should be able to do whatever we desire. So take the trip, buy the house in a different state, expose yourself to more people! That is exactly how I will challenge myself in life to stay culturally exposed and proactive in the most uplifting way possible.When developing your self-knowledge, it is a critical process in certain ways, but looking into your strengths and weaknesses is one of the first steps. Then looking into what personally makes you feel good and where do you feel happy? Who do you feel comfortable around? Are you motivated? What is your motivation? That is where I think a lotof people end up being stuck. Is your motivation in a competitive manner of life or is it for yourself and the people you love? Waking up and writing your thoughts, where you feel you are in life, or just taking the time for self care. All of those things take time out of your day to be aware and find yourself. One of the articles that I read and really stood out to me was “there is a gray area”. The reason for that is because I could personally relate in some ways, with what his growing up life was like, being that I know the town and people from that town. The reason Iquite obviously couldn’t relate was what he still struggled with just in high school. Going to college comforted him but then again, exposed him more culture. Like his friend who was and International student and had numerous additives and offers due to being culturally “different”. Like the blogger states “we are individuals and we can be brought together by embracing our differences”. This assignment was enjoyable for me as I look to pursue traveling the next 2 years in numerous parts outside and inside the country! I look forward to doing more research in places that I am visiting, the background of the people, and everyday hobbies or foods that are of norm. I am so happy that Iowa State brought me close to so many friends that are culturally different from me, due to not being exposed through my younger

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ISU FSHN 167 - Diversity & Inclusion Assignment

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