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NSU SOC 205 - Liberia

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Colby ByrdNorfolk State UniversitySOC 325Dr. Curiel3/5/21LiberiaThe country I have chosen to help is Liberia. Liberia is located on the west side of Africa with a population of over 5,000,000. Liberia is ranked as one of the poorest countries in the world and has had many economic problems in recent years. Liberia started experiencing problems in the 1980’s when a corrupted government made it easy for the people at the top, but ignored its citizens. This eventually led to Liberia having 2 civil wars.Liberia’s first civil war ravaged the country and claimed the life of over 250,000 people. The first civil war ended with the Liberian general election, which Charles Taylor, who was formally a rebel leader, took power. Only two years later however, a second civil war would start. This time it was due to Liberian decedents who invaded the country from Guinea. This war would last fouryears and claim the lives of another 250,000 people. It would end in Charles Taylor being exiled to Nigeria and later arrested.The economy of Liberia has been ruined by these two wars. Liberia also experienced an Ebola outbreak in 2013 that claimed the lives of almost 30,000 people in two years. Since the two wars however, Liberia has been trying to build itself back up. In 2008, the poverty line in Liberiawas 64% and 2016, it was decreased to 51%. Liberia has a population of 5,140,000, with over 1,500,000 living in its capital, Monrovia. Most of the work done in Liberia is agricultural and mining. Liberia is known for having an abundant amount of Iron Ore which is their biggest export. They also have gold and diamond mines throughout the country. Mining accounts for 17% of GDP and over 50% of all their exports. The average male who works will earn about 78,000 Liberian Dollars a year, while the average female makes 66,000 Liberian Dollars. The Liberian Dollar is worth about half a cent, $0.005, in US Dollars. You would need 175 Liberian dollars to have just one US Dollar.The infrastructure of Liberia is very limited. In most cities they have schools and hospitals and paved roads. Liberia also has one of the lowest electricity access rates in the world with only 2%of people having access to power, and only 6.7% having access to power in the country's capital.Almost 90% of citizens also do not have access to clean water. All of their infrastructure; however, was heavily damaged in the countries two civil wars. There are over 5 million people but for every 1,000 people, there are only 14 cars. Due to this, there are not many paved roads throughout the country. There is housing in the cities but the majority of their residents live in huts.It is because all of this that I would build a Solar Kettle factory in Libera. It is a country that suffered from wars and a corrupted government for so long that they never had a chance to help their economy. It is a country that needs help moving forward with most of their citizens living in extreme poverty with no access to electricity, water, and vehicles. That is why I would build the Solar Kettle factory in

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